Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are a great way to harmonize energy. You can use them on the body, around the body, in a room, or over a piece of paper with your intentions.

Each crystal has a specific vibration and reaction with the body. You can either use 1 type of crystal in your grid or mix them. It is good to leave the crystals sitting close to an hour if possible for this type of work. If you are using them on the body, be practical, because if the person is moving the crystals will move as well, and it may be better to do a shorter session. Most times a crystal grid is used around the body and the crystals will react with the aura of the person they are near.

If you study sacred geometry, you can use the shapes and patterns in a highly developed way. I’m currently learning more about this very sacred knowledge. The crystals should be used in a geometric or proportionate way for this type of healing. If you do use the crystals on the body please be practical and know that they can fall off.

You can use Reiki as well to enhance the energy of the crystals. You should cleanse them after each grid, either leaving them in the light of the full moon all night, burying them overnight, or using salt water. Please keep in mind not all crystals can be washed with salt water, some may crack or start to break. I recommend a minimum of about 8 or 10 crystals for this time of work because you should have enough to use them in some significant proportion to one another or be able to make a pattern out of them.

The famous gardens at Versailles and other locations were not done solely for aesthetic purposes. The use of scared geometry and using the energy lines naturally made through patterns we create gives off a specific energy and vibration. They say the plants that grow in these types of gardens have higher healing qualities and properties. Somehow, this knowledge became lost or suppressed in our modern era.

If you are going through a difficult situation you can use a crystal grid over a piece of paper with a crystal on it in the center of the grid. Be patient and give the grid some time to work. You can also have “permanent” crystal grids in your home where you consistently send, and change the energy depending on what you need. These will help protect your home and energetic boundaries 24 hours a day, even without your consistent focus if you set them up right and take care of them with attention, focus, and regular cleansing or energy work. I highly recommend them. You can even pack a small bag of crystals if you want to set up a tiny crystal grid when you travel.

There are many ways to work with the chakras using crystal grids. I prefer to use a few crystals when working on the body and a grid around the body when I am not doing the healing myself and am allowing someone to do their own aura cleanse with the grid.

I really like working with clear quartz for my crystal grids. I feel they harmonize the home with balancing harmful EMFs, and other energy from wifi,  also they promote psychic ability and wellness.

Post any questions or comments below!

Global Predictions May 2022

Global Predictions May 2022

 A lot of natural disasters, tornadoes this summer. Biden has a fragile stance on an important topic in the current political climate. The public will be aware of his wavering views on this. The lack of decisiveness is to his detriment, but he remains indecisive. Marriage rates go up, and the real estate market continues to be active. I see a lot of land being bought and sold, it may be farmland or land that is not zoned for private property usage. There is a very active legislative season this fall/ early winter. An agreement on a major topic is reached. A male governor resigns over an unexpected scandal. Could be in a western coastal state. The scandal may be financial.
Eastern Europe
A land concession resolves a larger conflict. This could represent Russia and Ukraine. A high value is placed on this land by the cards. It would be rich with potential or resources. The conflict does not seem to resolve until this takes place. The US dollar will be heavily affected by this conflict, as well as the Euro. The Euro will fall significantly in value later this year, near December. A woman at the center of Europe is instrumental in bringing about peace between Russia and Ukraine. This is someone either leading a European nation or in a position at the EU or European parliament. A gifted negotiator.
A wavering political climate. Protests again through this summer. A resignation of a major male political figure. A medical discovery or breakthrough, a cure and not a treatment or preventative treatment to something. Tourism is not recovered to pre pandemic levels, a bad sign for the industry.
A new leader emerges.
China continues to lockdown as other regions reopen. Major supply chain disruption.
“Demand grows, production slows.”
They will face global pressure to change their corona policy. Their travel will remain highly limited. Somehow, economically, they remain strong and try to increase their footing on the world stage. An attempt to acquire more land is made.
A strong hurricane season is coming. Not sure if any make landfall but there will be many storms passing by this year.
Pensions Globally
 May not hold out through the next market crash. Inflation will seriously compromise them. This generation of elderly people may be the last that can actually really live on their pensions. Plan your finances accordingly. There will be a new sector of labor to enter the market in the next 3 years that will begin to help people a lot, it could be a change or turn in investment opportunities.
Saving and increasing investments over the next 8 weeks OR months looks good. A good time to travel and gather with families. There may be a disruption to travel later this year towards winter globally. People feel more confident to meet in groups again.
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