Global Predictions

Updates, and archived global predictions are listed below. You can also join the Global Predictions group on the social network of the site, where you can get notifications about new predictions as they are posted.

  • March 2023 🌎 Global Predictions - USA There will be another large election scandal centered around a female candidate in the not too distant future. Documents are not valid or falsified somehow. There is a slowing of progress and a sense of another upcoming labor shortage because inflation doesn’t impact salary increases. This will cause the recession to last longer and […]
  • February 2023 Global Predictions 🌎 - USA Economy wavering, many companies will continue with layoffs due to the stalling economy. Recession lasts longer than anticipated. Not much recovery until early June. A conflict over education and funding at a federal level. A decision to cut or lower budget, services, or programs that are run nationally in public schools. Some successful and […]
  • January 2023 Global Predictions 🌎 - USA More economic problems. An “isolated” administration. A lesser known female leader becomes a much stronger leader for a large political party. The economic issues could last about 7 months. Stagnation, hiring slows, not a time of great growth until mid summer. A female governor could become a strong candidate for a VP role. Social […]
  • December 2022 Global Predictions 🌎 - USA “A stalling and difficult economy, potential crashes. ” After what seems to be a calmer period for the market,Β  there are some upsets to the stability early new year and into the spring. Many people will hesitate on spending overall for the next 6 months. There is a lack of strong leadership related to […]
  • November 2022 Global Predictions 🌎 - A younger male leader in the Northern hemisphere resigns amidst a great scandal. I feel it could be Justin Trudeau. (This is the second time I’ve seen this for him in the cards.) The news of the scandal breaks with little warning for him. The affiliated political party will be in turmoil and unable to […]
  • October 2022 Global Predictions 🌎 - USA The death rate is higher than other years. Medical system is strained. A worker shortage in hospitals is coming. A wife of a prominent male connected with a political family files for divorce from her husband. Travel opens up again and the airlines are not prepared for heavy passenger traffic. Expect very busy airports […]
  • Global Predictions September 2022 with mid month prediction - USA A male governor makes a bid for the presidential race. A female governor also may be the next VP. Developments in music and group gatherings will increase. A lot of wands in the cards, which I interpret as many new inventions and innovations, will be revealed this month. A female activist/athlete makes great news […]
  • August 2022 Global Predictions 🌎 - So…by accident I almost wrote March 2022! That’s very odd, I’m wondering why that would happen… is something from March 2022 global events/ predictions coming to fruition, ending, or reaching a significant global stage? Biden reveals a neurological problem and a woman who is taking over most of his work. It is not Kamala Harris, […]
  • July 2022 Global Predictions 🌎 - The five of wands has jumped out as the primary card for July’s global predictions in 2022. This means a lot of conflict, instability, market volatility, personal stress, battle or war, but signifies that the stress will be shorter vs. longer term. Interest rates should rise again. A river overflowing causing severe damage. For some […]
  • June 2022 Global Predictions - USA A looming crisis in health care as infertility rates start to rise again. Also, the cards show understaffed facilities but do not show me the reasons for this. It could be due to lack of hiring enough staff and not due to an overload of patients. The situation lowers the standard of health care […]
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