Global Predictions

Updates, and archived global predictions are listed below. You can also join the Global Predictions group on the social network of the site, where you can get notifications about new predictions as they are posted.

  • May 2024 Global Predictions - Princess of Wands jumped out of the deck! An important card regarding communication. There may be some significant global communications, agreements, treaties, or alliances made this month. Four of pentacles jumps out just after, a sign of more stability, limited financial growth, and economic predictability. USA 6 of wands jumps out.Β  A tricky situation for […]
  • Global Predictions April 2024 🌎 - USA They show me a lot of extreme weather and river flooding. A stabilization of the economy but growth closer to the fall. More rising prices in the rental market nationally. An increase in small businesses opening. Difficult situation surrounding the election, a lack of desire from many people to vote, voter turnout may be […]
  • March 2024 Global Predictions 🌎 - USA There is a “victory” of some type that looks to be very successful. It may be a legal victory or resolution of an international conflict, or a peace agreement. There is a lot of economic growth and fulfillment coming near June in USA. The cards indicate a lot of growth and overall improvement through […]
  • February 2024 Global Predictions 🌎 - USA After many predictions of flooding, this time I see a much more dry weather period for USA. A female figure for vice president looks to emerge strongly, she has strong opinions but will be viewed as a moderate.Β  Some more debt relief is coming for students but the job market doesn’t pick up as […]
  • Global Predictions January 2024 🌎 - USA A large weather event involving water, overwhelming flooding. The winter for continental USA looks to be very humid in most areas.Β  The economy does not bounce back as much as hoped but the work force will start moving much more. We will see a fair amount of new jobs created for the first quarter, […]
  • Global Predictions December 2023 🌎 - The war between Israel and Palestine gets worse before it gets better. A diplomatic pathway to peace is being discussed between many nations. A female leader who seems involved in the UN or other international body is trying to create the discussion for peace. I do not see a lot of change until towards new […]
  • November 2023 Global Predictions 🌎 - USA & ISRAEL The cards wanted to open with the connection between these two nations and says they are “inextricably linked.” The horrific vision I had in October’s predictions is what I believe to be the current war. The cards show me the loss of lives of children and the targeting of children in the […]
  • October Global Predictions 2023 🌎 - USA “A fight beyond words, diplomatic error.” This makes me think of Ukraine, but also could be China. An older male in a position of power takes too much time on an important international decision or conflict. A sense of lacking resolution or perspective. It could be Biden. The uncertainty looks strong in early January […]
  • September 2023 Global Predictions 🌎 - USA Economic turmoil and flooding. It looks like flooding in an area that was previously dry. The fires in Maui show up in the past position and show a great effort in recovery. A fairly young male who has been relatively quiet could become a candidate for the 2024 presidency. He is not in the […]
  • August 2023 Global Predictions 🌎 - USA Accidentally I almost typed USD, and as I feel there are no accidents in this work… I feel something significant related to the dollar or it’s value will occur this August. They show me more horrible weather, excessive rain and flooding. Farmlands seem to be the most affected, it looks like crops they thought […]
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