March 2024 Global Predictions 🌎


There is a “victory” of some type that looks to be very successful. It may be a legal victory or resolution of an international conflict, or a peace agreement. There is a lot of economic growth and fulfillment coming near June in USA. The cards indicate a lot of growth and overall improvement through the summer months for the economy. (They don’t show me for autumn, just the summer here.) Good weather is forecast for many areas. The fall shows the possibility of more restrictions or great change, an ending of something, it may be an economic situation. The ace of pentacles also fell out while I was looking at this and picking up the cards, so some type of new start with the economy is definitely coming soon! The reading says there are already problems with the election in USA and a question of the legality of congressional maps in certain areas. I forsee legal challenges but they may be related to local elections.


Shows me riots again, between different groups of people over an economic issue. I belive this will be before summer or very early this summer. There looks to be a strike of a sector of the workforce that brings the government to a position of compromise.


I see more disasters with water, this time in a country on the mainland. Stability in economic growth. They do show a delay, the stability will come but it is only starting now. There seems to be a conflict coming around Afghanistan. I see an area of fires but not sure if this is Asia or some other area but it will be large international news.

South America

Shows dry weather and devastating winds. Travel will be affected. They show me earthquakes as well.Β  I believe this is also before the summer.

Pacific Islands

Show extremely heavy rain/ monsoon.

I see randomly some disruption of travel by train. It looks like the movement of goods will be greatly affected by this. I’m not sure what region they show me but it looks like Midwestern USA in the vision I have.

Travel will be very expensive in 2024.

They show me growth for many spiritual people this month, a good time to expand and increase spiritual knowledge rapidly. A good month to let go of old patterns.

I still see a continuation of the Russia and Ukraine war with more like a standstill from Russia. A blockage, and refusal to agree to end the conflict. It seems that USA and other nations start to intervene to create a movement to end the conflict. A disagreement between Putin and Biden is coming over this.

I believe mortgage rates will fall further closer to autumn. The cards show a lot of people moving around.

They show me an island receiving important economic contracts. It may be in Asia, could be Taiwan.

I see a conflict between India and a nearby nation becoming more intense, possibly more violent.

Overall the energy is very jumpy for March, a bit unpredictable and feels unstable. There is a sense people don’t know which way to go or how things will progress globally. The energy seems fiery in the ether for March. The card of the month is the chariot, signifying the need to overcome obstacles, go forward with momentum and make progress. The crystal of the month is not a crystal this time. They show me a metal, it is steel. Used for building and for surgical reasons when needed. Health and growth are the themes I take from that message of the metal. Other advice, go slowly, March has a very jumpy energy, it is easy to make a mistake, take time and care, and they suggest “double check everything!”


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