June 2024 Global Predictions


Economy shows fluttering, instability. Biden considering pulling out of the presidential race or having doubts about running at his age vs having a younger person representing his party. Trade and shipping of goods to be disrupted this summer. The cards don’t reveal why… the real estate market starts to pick up a lot. The economy is not as strong as forecasted for this summer. Betrayl of some kind involving members of the Biden family puts them in the news in the middle of summer, the conflict is with younger members of the family and impacts the presidential race of the way people view the president. Some stabilization on a negotiation between Europe and USA regarding how to handle a larger international conflict and the position they will take. They decide to unite on one side and act together. The job market seems to increase and have more positions this summer. Inflation rises higher and many more people will have trouble paying for their regular expenses. It could be the start of another recession/ mini recession. Fall going into winter shows another shift that may be helpful to boost the economy. After the election, there is some improvement. The upcoming winter for USA shows very harsh weather especially for the Midwestern states. It will significantly affect crops. Increasing tension between social groups, discrimination of some form becoming much more common. It may be politically motivated.

France shows a female leader or PM rising to a high level of news for trying to promote French culture and stabilizing the economy. The summer looks quiet in the sense of possibly a slower touristic season.

South America shows a coup in a smaller country/ region trying to break away from oppressive rules. A conflict related to agriculture and land. A large issue with a border/ boundary unable to be maintained. It looks like an east/ west border not north south.

Disruptions to travel later in the summer. Rerouting or heavy air traffic possibly due to a natural event.

Australia starts an isolating policy that drastically shifts their economy. It is not looking like something they will maintain long term.

Phillipines shows very strategic military planning, exercises or operations. A lot of increase in activity in the ocean there. USA is involved in this.

The economy globally shows more stability in 2 years time.

There is some energy coming in about volcanic activity and I’m not sure where it is but I see the northern hemisphere. It could be Italy. There may be flooding nearby as well. I may be seeing 2 natural disasters within a fairly close distance to one another or in the same country at a similar period in time.

An unusual star sighting. “Light” or celestial phenomena that doesn’t seen to fly or shoot across the sky but remains visible and suspended in air. A very rare event.

The card of the month is 8 of cups. This is a rough card for relationships! Sadness, releasing difficult emotions, despair, feelings of failure are heightened this month. Tread carefully with relationship challenges in June. The 7 of cups comes up as well, as an indication that people are prone to believe fantasy over reality, especially at this time. Jade is the stone of the month. I take this as a sign to focus on fertility, growth, abundance, and being open to good luck financially.

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