August 2023 Global Predictions ๐ŸŒŽ


Accidentally I almost typed USD, and as I feel there are no accidents in this work… I feel something significant related to the dollar or it’s value will occur this August. They show me more horrible weather, excessive rain and flooding. Farmlands seem to be the most affected, it looks like crops they thought could recuperate can not, or areas do not drain out as fast as anticipated. A younger male in charge of the cleanup or disaster. Tornado or hurricane? Midwestern states show a lot of wind. Tornadoes “again”. Legal victories for civil rights but problems in the banking sector. Disruption to air travel…a possible airline bankruptcy? The economy starts to show some improvement after the summer, an increase of spending is seen in the cards overall by individuals, companies, and the government. Gridlock in Congress on many legislative issues but a budget will pass. There are a lot of internal problems and security leaks this fall and winter. Could be a situation with spies being captured, double agents, staff leaking information, or people speaking up in order to make problems public so that they can be resolved from within. I think some of the information leaks will be very unexpected for the public.


A strong female political leader may emerge, she looks fairly young, somewhat conservative.


Natural disaster, earthquake or flooding. Looks like an area that doesn’t typically get a lot of rain inundated with flooding. Problems with health care arriving to the affected area.


Rioting, uprising. An older male leader able to bring peace.

Largeย lawsuits for Pharmaceutical agencies/ companies, enough to affect their abilliy to go forward. This may be international or happen simultaneously in many regions for the same reason. A movement to produce pharmaceuticals in Asia vs western nations.


One nation shows the inability to pay back loans. Looks like a very large country, Russia, China, possibly Afghanistan. They show dry weather where there is normally a lot of rain. An area with famine and agricultural difficulty where usually the land is rich. A male leader is taken aback and not sure what to do about this crisis. He is unprepared to help resolve it.


A female leader of the European Union initiates very difficult economic measures. The reading called it “restringent.”

Ukraine continues to show great difficulty, many areas are lawless. I see a lot of looting and fires. Many things are destroyed as the war comes to a close.

Middle East

A new area of conflict breaks out, possibly with Israel’s involvement. The international community is fairly surprised by this event.


Globally things get moving, but slow and steady is the new pace. Overall, a sense of people and investors being conservative with money through early this winter. Travel industry makes a conservative rebound as well. They prepare this winter for another potential pandemic or limited travel due to some reason outside of the travel sector. Ironically, this doesn’t look to be a drastic change.

They really want me to discuss the extrene weather and the difficulty this may cause many people with moving around and travel this winter, possibly even near the holidays. Plan accordingly, and leave yourself time.


Rest and work in a stable way. The energy for rest and recuperation is highlighted for August. Garnet comes through as the crystal for healing, energizing and abundance. Economy starts to improve and this impacts the mood globally as people become more optimistic, although keep in mind the pace is slow. This is a good month to build long term plans, study, focus on education in some form. Four of wands is the card of the month. The four of wands is typically used to represent a wedding, union, perfection or celebration. Beauty, growth, harmony, and perfectionism can be indicated. However, the following card brings difficulty. Build strength to prepare a nice foundation and have an idea of where you want to go. This month looks a little less intense in an electromagnetic sense for the ๐ŸŒŽ. Healing for the earth is highlighted this month as well.


July 2023 Global Predictions ๐ŸŒŽ

“A Power Month”


Weather “cyclone” or tornadoes. Active tornado season. High winds. Fires. Drought in the Midwest. A female contender for president gains popularity but will not run or receive endorsement. It is a tactic to divert energy to the issues she speaks about. Ethical questions for the schools or the department of education. Stagnation on legislative issues, resistance to change, a stalling economy. Interest rates may stay somewhat the same or change only slightly. There is a great fear of change in the US regarding economy. This autumn will be an unstable time for banks in USA but they will get by somehow. An unusually quiet summer politically. A female politician from a tropical state, maybe Hawaii, makes waves about some significant issues nationally, especially regarding national security. Arguments over the federal reserve, mortgage rates, grid lock economically for USA this summer. For Biden I see exhaustion or fainting, maybe in public or on TV, a live event at a college or university.

France shows civil unrest through the summer but more economic offerings to people to sustain economic growth. In Europe there will be great effort by governments to spend to stimulate the economy.

Crises with water in Asia islands, flooding, maybe a tsunami. I see small boats losing their ability to float well. Many islands in this area. Crisis within the family structure, not sure if this is cultural or with a very famous family that would be well publicized. It looks like it could be in China. Economic downturn, slowing, production overall or of a major industry halting or severely slowing down.

Russia, unable to continue the war. Economic hardship. Population looks to be declining. A high death toll from the war. Infrastructure problems. I really feel the war in Ukraine is coming to an end and the cards say “a winner will be declared but there is really no winner.” It has been costly and many lives were lost. The only positive is that it is ending.

Kuwait female leadership, Abundance, economic success.

Bali storms, or volcanic event. They show me the mountain twice. Spiritual growth there. A female leader for Indonesia. A need for more medical care after this weather event.

Belgium Worker strikes. Europe showing the current economic recession is growing. There will be a great effort to increase exports to remedy this. The exports will be to USA or a travel across an ocean and not by land.

Overall the atmosphere looks very active for July. Windy and possibly difficult for air travel. August looks less so.

They show me a huge increase in migration or immigration of people to a place that is better for them to raise families. At first, it does not look like USA and I’m wondering if there will be another huge migration change in Europe on the mainland soon. USA came to mind but the image I see is for another area, however, my intuition feels both will happen but the one that is not in USA may be more of a surprise.

Advice Garnet is the crystal of the month for energy for health, love, and protection while traveling at night. 5 of swords is the card of the month. I feel this may relate to Russia also, to accept defeat from Ukraine. For us on an individual level, it means to accept what has not worked, acknowledge it, but move on. Don’t linger in self pity. Go forward with what you have, create more.

A happy time for marriages, births, and positive energy regarding love, partnership relationships, harmony, and cooperation. Seeing things from another point of view. Clarity in relationships may be at an all time high. Mothering, the earth, and growth are highlighted. A green visual of more plants or trees. The earth energy right now is showing exhaustion, this may impact the people who are more sensitive. They may pick up on this energy and feel more tired lately. A higher need to rest or recuperate than normal.

July is a more difficult month for healing, the cards show me a time of friction and internal questioning, a lot of static in the universe. This is a very highly energetic time regarding the electromagnetic energy of the planet. Try to work with this energy and integrate it vs fighting it. The old ways can not continue but can be transformed to become new. Acknowledge yourself, those that are lying to themselves will face difficulty because of this new vibration of earth energy. It will be very difficult to avoid growth and self growth this month as we are receiving more light and energy to the planet. Abundant thought, behavior, expansive energy, being open, time in nature and fresh air are advised now. A good time for travel and inspiration from new ideas.

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