Protecting Your Energy

This is one of the most asked questions I receive. “How can I best protect my energy from negative or unwanted energetic influences?” There are many methods to do so. Psychic protection may vary depending on the type of energy you are faced with, for example

Are you aware of what is affecting your energy?

  • Is the influence physical and fixed, i.e a location or building?
  • Is it a person?
  • Is it a situation or event?
  • Are you able to avoid it or not?

After addressing these questions we can go forward on how to help you. If it can be avoided easily, and you are highly sensitive, that is always the easiest method to remove the energy disturbance from your life.

If it can not be avoided and is a fixed location, if it is your own home, property, or place of business, you may be able to bless the location or bring healing and have protective items with you there. Clearing space is in another post on my website, but healing items you can wear could be in jewelry or just carrying loose stones like jet, obsidian, citrine, garnet, clear quartz,  hematite and amber. If you use amber, please be aware that it needs to be cleaned very regularly as it absorbs energy very easily but it is a great protector. I’m not a huge fan of hematite only because it often breaks after encountering the energy it is supposed to protect against but it does work. You just may need to replace it often. Jet is my favorite crystal for protection.

If the negative energy is from a person you see, you need to be more aware of your energetic boundaries and interact while creating an energetic division so that you can sense the end of your energy and do your best not to let their energy force its way into your energy field. This takes practice and a lot of work. There are specific meditations for this. You don’t want your energy so blocked off that you can’t connect to others but should not have your energy so open that anyone can trample on your aura.

If it is a situation or event, doing energy work or sending Reiki to the event, past, present, parallel or future, can be very successful. Reiki is highly known to help with healing the impact of trauma and offering spiritual protection.


Spiritual Growth 101

You will find yourself going through a lot of change in a short period of time and then have other times where you need to rest, process, or adapt to the new energy. Our gift and psychic abilities do not always have the same level of energy, growth, and stability equally at all times in our lives. This is a really important point to remember as you start out on this journey. It is also ok, in my opinion, to adapt to this flow of your personal growth and energy.

You will find there are times you feel like this flower, pushing through a rock, alone, without support, and then see others nearby later on a similar journey. You may have times you need to isolate to study new techniques or protect your energy from others, or even from areas of high electromagnetic activity(will post about this in another blog post).

If you are inquisitive and open, while working on maintaining your connection with the earth, grounding and centering, you have a good mindset to go further on your spiritual path. If you do not want anything in yourself or your life to change in any way, this is probably not for you. A lot of people are heavily attached to the old version of themselves. It is almost like having an avatar. How you see yourself is so valuable to us, but it really isn’t the end game of spiritual development. You are always changing. There will always be an unknown aspect of yourself. Self awareness will help you discover more and come to terms with the parts you are not willing to see or face. It is ok to go slow on this path as well. Healing and spiritual growth is not a race. You have to be kind to yourself, but there may be times you need to push. Use your internal guidance on this. If you are an advanced practitioner, go back to your basics every now and then to see how much your awareness has shifted.

It can be a struggle to see others on this path not aware of the same things you come to see as clear information. This is something we just have to accept and individually assess if we want to spend the effort sharing something that will wake up another to see new information or not. This is also another balancing act of spiritual life.

Dealing with a Healing Crisis

This is a very under discussed area of spirituality but if not addressed can lead to servere psychological problems and potentially psychosis. Many times this can be avoided.

Gauging your spiritual work and learning is no easy task. There are times we feel stagnant and other times where the energy is moving so fast it is overwhelming and hard to handle. When it becomes too hard to handle and a person finds they are not able to function well, it is often called a “healing crisis.”

If this occurs, the most important thing is to ground the individual and make sure any relevant help and support is present. If you experience this you may have severe anxiety, hallucinations, problems sleeping, eating, breathing, and it can often be categorized as stemming from emotional rather than potentially spiritual issues. The proper psychological care should always be tended to but there are times spiritual methods can resolve a situation that other methods do not.

Grounding an individual in a spiritual crisis is often quickly addressed by having them hold something cold, to get them to focus on the physical plane. An apple from the refrigerator, and using crystals can help. I recommend using water, letting the person feel cool water rush through their hands and maybe washing their 3rd eye as well. Standing on the ground barefoot, even indoors, can really accelerate this. You want to assess whether the person feels they are “inside” their body or not. Either way,  you can start to use the focus of the breath to help them feel more centered. You can guide them to feel the sensation of the air in their body entering and leaving and their awareness returning to every area of the body to help them ground. Most important will be to recognize that they do feel “differently” and that they have the ability to shift this feeling and become more comfortable.

There are times we have great breakthroughs after experiencing extreme healing crises, but this is not necessary to attain spiritual growth either. It is just something to be aware of that your awareness afterwards may change. This is why you hear of so many people becoming psychic after near death experiences, a form of healing crisis as their soul is forced to acknowledge in a traumatic way another form of seeing themselves and the world.

I will post more on this thread soon. I feel it is a largely under discussed topic in spirituality today.

What suggestions do you have for people going through a healing crisis in psychic development?


Resonate with Your Environment

Sense the nature of the energy around you, above, below, within and connect with it. Breathe in the sensation of your energy in relation to what is around you and notice how you feel. Being aware of our environment is an important part of spiritual growth.

It is very easy to get overly focused on ourselves and our spiritual path but the teachers in our environment are all around us. The ancient paths knew this wisdom, that is why many of these older traditions are heavily nature based. There are so many teachers right in front of us in nature.

Self awareness is important but we must maintain a balance of awareness on the energy around us as well. Losing this balance can be very stressful on the spiritual path, it can make people feel very unsettled and unstable. Spending time in nature is an essential part of my spiritual practice. It energetically balances and cleans our auras.

It also keeps us aware that life has it’s changes, nothing is permanent, but we stay in a consistent state of flowing energy.

This is part of why many people are so attracted to using crystals. The grounding, healing energy affects and balances them while doing spiritual work. Using crystals and elements from nature will ground your spiritual activities.

If you are feeling a strong need to ground and resonate with earth energy you can do this standing on the earth OR by mediating very high up if you are on a high floor of an apartment. Ironically, the energy of being high up and focusing on the earth has a reactive effect of sending your energy deeper into the earth. I have done this and found it to be incredibly powerful at times I did not have access to a ground floor place to mediate.

Being aware of the energy in your body, your home, your town, your region, country, continent, earth, and universe is another powerful way to expand your awareness through a simple meditation you can do daily. It centers you while connecting you to a larger energetic grid at the same time.

Do you feel aware of the energy around you as you move throughout your day and travels?

Growing Your Spiritual Practice

The number one question I hear from clients starting out on their spiritual journey is “How can I learn to become more intuitive and grow my spirituality?” My experience is that the best way to do this is find a practice you can do daily and consistently, over time, that allows you to learn new information and reinforce what you have already studied. For Tarot students, this can mean a brief meditation and pulling one card a day, studying it well, but not being so overwhelmed with study that you are inclined to skip a day. Practices shift, intensify, and wane at various times in our lives. The intensity of great study will come when you have the focus and ability to do so, but you can get a lot of of even 10 to 15 minutes a day of devoted spiritual time. Ideally, more time is helpful, but that is not something everyone can achieve at all points in their lives. The basic theory is that consistent practice sets up a pattern in your brain that allows you to focus on spiritual things intensely and without distraction. The devotion to your practice helps you develop. You will need to learn how to “go into the zone” in a way that is manageable and not out of control as you experience processing so many more levels of awareness. The consistency stabilizes you and your energy as shift your paradigm of reality and process more information and gain heightened emotional sensitivity. There are often growth spurts and setbacks along a spiritual path like any learning curve, this is ok, keep going…

Breathing, Connecting, Centering…

Breathing is so important to our balance physically and spiritually. I can not over stress the importance of awareness of your breath when doing spiritual work or trying to ground and center after using a lot of spiritual energy. I had a wonderful pranayama teacher who insisted that all breathing techniques were useless we were able to breathe properly. I feel this is a strongly needed concept in spirituality today. Are we really breathing properly and do we know what that means? There are many methods of breathing but the initial stage is the most important because it allows you to deeply connect and go further from that point. I focus on my breathing even when not doing spiritual work or exercises. We are always using our spiritual energy in some form and can use the assistance of breathing awareness at various points throughout the day to balance our energy. Before getting into more advanced techniques, spend a few minutes becoming aware of your breath on all levels. Notice how you feel. Practice this awareness over time…

As Above, So Below

This phrase represents the meaning of the connecting and reflecting aspect of reality. There is a resonance between the higher worlds, and the physical plane. They mirror one another like our world mirrors the universe. When you meditate you want to be aware of this so that you know that these worlds impact one another. There are many people who feel you should work on your outer world to change your inner world, and vice versa. I feel it is actually best to use both methods. Feel the connection between your ability to impact things from each plane so that you are familiar with the energy of working in each energetically. It is really important to have a sense of wholeness and not fracturing the spirit when doing spiritual growth. Many spiritual people struggle with staying grounded. This often happens when we develop spiritually, but should not be a long lasting pattern. Just being aware of the breath can put the higher plane and the earth realm in harmony.

Earth Energy

The earth has it’s own magnetic energy and vibration which interacts and harmonizes with our own. There are some simple ways to connect and “ground.”

Being outdoors and connecting with nature is one of the easiest, but not always the most accessible. Walking barefoot is also a great way to ground with earth energy.

Mediation is another powerful way to center yourself and connect with the earth energy.  Breathing is also a very strong and quick way to bring your awareness to your body and your physical plane of existence. Physical exercise increases this sense of grounding and being in your body as well.

Crystals are very helpful at helping you ground because of their unique energetic impact on us. Minerals are the oldest known life form and have a very subtle but powerful way to impact our body, mind, and spirit. Using them on your third eye or using a crystal grid around you to meditate can dramatically increase your intuitive abilities. I think they work very strongly when placed on the third eye after doing intense spiritual work.

If you need to ground quickly to center, hold something cold, focus on your breathing, and let any feelings you have move through you and flow.

Having plants and elements from the earth in your home is another way to center to your energy.



Clearing Space

When clearing space you need to remember to clear the perimeter of your home. Many people ignore the outside areas of their home when doing house blessings or clearings. The land around your home is also important to bless and clear because it sets a spiritual boundary that is in tune with the physical one.

My favorite tools are salt, sage, and good intentions. You can do the energy clearing yourself but I recommend this only if you feel confident you can stand strong against any negative energy you may encounter in your home. If you have a severe energy issue or a haunting causing noticeable distress,  I would advise using a spiritual professional in any discipline who has experience with previous blessings, ghosts, and other extreme energy clearing situations. If you are very fearful, it is also a good idea to have someone else do the blessing. I do believe the owner of the home or primary resident should be present during the clearing because their emotional link to the property adds energy to set the energetic boundary in the ethers. If you do not have access to sage, cedar or frankincense incense is a great second choice. If you have little kids, pets, or are generally concerned about fire risk, you can use a sage spray also. These are not quite as effective but, good enough if you focus your intention and use a little salt as well. Salt can be used around the entire perimeter of the property, all doorway thresholds, window panes, corners of each room, and any additional area you feel it needs to be there. Try to leave the salt at least a few hours after the clearing before cleaning.

If you use candles, use one black and one white, or you can use one of each on each room. Start the black candle a while BEFORE the white one.  Get the black candle burning out the negative energy before bringing in the light, creating space. There are various theories about windows open or closed during energy clearing work. My personal feeling is windows closed is best. Energy work is not an exact science and other energy can enter while you are clearing out. There are many who would disagree with this, but in my experience, especially after clearing highly haunted homes more than once, is that closed windows gives you a chance to really work in a focused way on clearing out the energy in the home without interference. If the sage becomes intolerable, however, of course open the windows. Or you can take a small break and then continue. Please be practical at all times.

I recommend starting your energy clearing when you have a generous amount of time. You do not want to be rushed when doing something this important. There may be things that take more time and energy than you anticipate in the process of the clearing. There are many times you may want to clear a certain area more than once during the same blessing as well.

If you want to time the clearing with the waning moon that is a nice idea to assist in removing negative energy and preparing for new beginnings.


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