February 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


Economy wavering, many companies will continue with layoffs due to the stalling economy. Recession lasts longer than anticipated. Not much recovery until early June. A conflict over education and funding at a federal level. A decision to cut or lower budget, services, or programs that are run nationally in public schools. Some successful and inexpensive healing methods are put on hold, or successful treatments due to administrative processes moving too slowly. A slowing overall of how government offices function, wait times for documents, etc.


A corruption scandal around a highly successful female politician makes big news this spring. It looks to be a financial scandal. It is someone who would have had a good economic impact on the nation but the scandal derails their political path. Economic difficulties for France this summer. The labor shortage continues to have a big impact there.


Economy in Asia is starting to pick up again and travel looks to open up. Less restrictions are forecasted and the airline industry adds more flights. 2023 should show a touristic rebound for them.

South America

A lot of riots and civil unrest. Chile is mentioned. A currency used crashes in one nation this spring sparking major protests and inflation rises overnight. The banks and other financial institutions offer little or no help. There is a great spiritual awakening in this part of the world and the energy of the land and people will reflect this.


They show storms in a region which typically doesn’t get rain… could even be a desert type of climate. Almost like a cataclysm. Could be severe flooding. A nation gets a female leader who will help her country significantly. There is still a lot of conflict with western nations involved economically with African countries and this comes to a more critical point soon.


Neonatal health is not as good this year generally. There have been changes to health which make this “harder.” This relates mostly to growth and environment. The challenge will be revealed or “discovered” and become a thing of the past quickly in the coming years.

Outer Space

More passenger journeys begin. New minerals are discovered this fall. An active year for meteor showers. Life/water on other planets is discovered.


Great breakthroughs but more challenges…a lot of layoffs in this industry worldwide. Asian nations seem to wrestle with a new technology that is not very popular with the public. There could even be protests or riots about this.

The Earth

A strong production of crystals but a heavy focus on mining particular minerals. Some minerals used for technology may start to become short in supply. This will create much higher prices going forward.

Questions from the group

Future pandemic? Current treatments or cures are effective. The cards say “not at this time” for a future pandemic. Natural disasters? Ironically, they show a big event in space this month. Maybe an explosion of some sort! Not on earth.


Card of the month is the Father of Swords. Be cautious and calculated, decisive, don’t get lost in doubts, follow your path diligently. A good time to focus and do activities that require a lot of discipline, management, intellectual energy, and planning. A good time to finish large projects that you have put off or take on a large task.

Crystal of the month is citrine, to protect against negative energy. This quartz will keep you on your focused activities without having to worry about negative influences or people. There is a tendency to spend too much this month so please watch finances closely. The cards of impulse and losing money appear together. Could be a difficult month for the market or investments. Keeping boundaries will be hard this month as there are many energies that will test them both personally and globally. “What will society accept?”

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