February 2024 Global Predictions 🌎


After many predictions of flooding, this time I see a much more dry weather period for USA. A female figure for vice president looks to emerge strongly, she has strong opinions but will be viewed as a moderate.  Some more debt relief is coming for students but the job market doesn’t pick up as much as expected. 2024 will be worse than predicted for the job market. Real estate prices look to lower a bit and may be a more affordable time to move. Interest rates may vary slightly this year.



The cards predict a female leader who looks fairly young. The economy looks to stabilize a little bit. I see less tourism for this summer for Europe vs last.


Shows a very difficult economic time due to a country that has mismanaged money. There will be improvement but not until much later this year. It looks like a large amount of money was stolen.


I see a country with a lot of flooding at a busy time for their touristic season. It may be China.


A large amount of the continent shows they get cut off from a lot of basic medical care.  I’m not sure if this is due to a natural disaster or other event but it looks like an earthquake in the cards.


The global economy takes a large setback with shipping problems, lack of supplies, and items not moving around the globe well overall. It looks like a large problem with sea travel related to this. It seems it will last about 3 months long.


There is more military conflict coming to the middle east according to the reading. One country looks to initiate a new invasion. They may bring in a lot of ground troops in order to do so. Something significant is coming up related to world peace to be signed in May of this year and I think it may have to do with the war in Israel because it came up right after I looked at the middle east. I think it will be an international agreement with many nations involved.


Global Predictions January 2024 🌎


A large weather event involving water, overwhelming flooding. The winter for continental USA looks to be very humid in most areas.  The economy does not bounce back as much as hoped but the work force will start moving much more. We will see a fair amount of new jobs created for the first quarter, and many people who have been out of work a long time will find secure jobs.  The real estate market looks sluggish. An astrological event in January will shift the balance of things. The energy will shift to a more creative and feminine energy. There will be some significant new inventions. The presidential race is still giving me a very weird energy, too much is “undecided.” A strong female contender shows progress but it will be thwarted by a deceptive male, possibly someone in her own party trying to advance their campaign.


Shows an area of unusual drought. Problems getting water to the affected area. China shows slim economic progress, more losses expected for 2024. There is a significant slowing or stalling of the economy in most of Asia this year. I see a lot of instability in the balance of power between nations in Asia.  A sense that the geography of the area will change. Limitations to tourism are mentioned by the cards as well, although they do not reveal the reason for it. A large nation seems to exceed their debt limit creating severe consequences.


A lot of issues within the banking sector. I feel like a very large bank may crumble due to severe corruption or lack of oversight. I think this event is closer to June. The economy overall looks more stable later in the year. Things will pick up, but not as much as many people had hoped regarding the market.

I still see a lot of conflict regarding the war in Israel and Palestine. Unfortunately I do not see any good news in the cards on this at this time.


Reveals economic recession and one country having trouble paying back their debt. It looks like one of the coastal nations on the Mediterranean. The issue will create friction in the EU. Tourism for 2024 is not as good as anticipated. Overall, I see a lot less people traveling in 2024. A conflict between the leader of France and the EU gets bigger.


Shows unexpected economic growth and more power in the Asian region overall.

South America

Grows economically more than expected as well, with one nation influencing the others with policies that inspire economic movement and growth. The growth is stable and long lasting.


Conflict around a digital currency being introduced. It will either happen later than expected and be problematic or not occur due to difficulties. I see the unexpected fall of a large crypto currency, losing most of its value overnight in the early part of 2024.


January looks to be quite unstable energetically. A lot of electromagnetic events on the Earth will occur within a short time like solar flares and earthquakes. A good time to focus on health, grounding, and preparing for the unexpected. There could be a lot of natural disasters. Ace of cups is the card of the month, highlighting healing, emotional receptivity, love, and acceptance. The element of the month is steel. Stay strong, and build a strong foundation. Steel can be used to create large structures but thinking and planning ahead is essential.

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Global Predictions December 2023 🌎

The war between Israel and Palestine gets worse before it gets better. A diplomatic pathway to peace is being discussed between many nations. A female leader who seems involved in the UN or other international body is trying to create the discussion for peace. I do not see a lot of change until towards new year.


Strong economic growth sees a short setback in early 2024 with a small change in interest rates. The economy is still sluggish. Shipping issues continue to pile up globally. Growth will occur in 2024, but slowly. A female candidate for the 2024 presidential race speaks a lot about bolstering the economy but the cards show that she would be a disaster for the middle class and financially only favor large corporations in the end. It could create another recession if she is elected. She appears to be a moderate in my cards. Winter looks unusually cold for many parts of mainland USA. Biden looks very frail and I’m not sure if he will be physically up to the demands of campaign travel for 2024. There will be a lot of people pushing him to run anyway.


Shows more protests. A decision from the leader triggers a strong public response. Seems to be an overnight change. A lot of economic and cultural tension is happening in France right now.

Sahara Desert

An interesting discovery or advanced civilization has their remains found or history revealed by some recent discoveries. There is a male leading the analyzing of this material that is able to confirm significant history about this region of the world. It will be a fascinating discovery. The reading shows me the use of light and energy, a civilization that would have widely used light as a power source.


A lot of destruction due to a natural disaster that creates a lot of flooding. China looks to have a lot of problems helping people with the recent virus. They do not have enough staff currently to handle the amount of patients. In the reading they do not look to be adding more either. At the moment, I do not see travel restrictions. Overall looks to be an upcoming year with a lot of tension in the region of Asia. Many countries not agreeing on important decisions and resolution taking a very long time. The cards mention weather crises again for this area.

South America

Paves the way for land conservation with an international decision in 2024 that protects many natural areas and resources. There is a harmonious balance between how the land can be used and preserved at the same time, or a new respect for the region’s boundary.


They will take an isolationist policy on something affecting the region. It could be related to the virus. They stand alone in isolating.

Space Exploration 

Takes the pace and energy of something like the gold rush. Many nations now scrambling to get their technology and people into the race to explore and benefit from what they may find. There is a very competitive energy around this topic.


3 of Cups and Justice come up as the cards of the month. They indicate celebration but a need to be ethical, cautious, and rational as well. Use your judgement wisely, with balance and ethics. Enjoy time with community, friends and family. The reading says this is also a powerful form of healing. Working with meteorite fragments is highlighted this month. They say interstellar communication is coming but “we will not understand it.” Try to link to the universal, interstellar energy to understand the other waves of energy, frequency, and communication that exists. Opening to understand other aspects of our reality is highlighted this month. This may help with psychic development, clear dreaming, astral travel and visions as well.

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November 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


The cards wanted to open with the connection between these two nations and says they are “inextricably linked.” The horrific vision I had in October’s predictions is what I believe to be the current war. The cards show me the loss of lives of children and the targeting of children in the present still going on. For me personally, it is very hard to look at this topic due to how extreme and violent it is in my psychic eye, but I share here for those who have asked. The reading shows explosions of some sort, many in the past and some in the present and future. I do not see a strong improvement towards peace until near April. The reading does suggest a strong international cease fire effort so that civilians are no longer targeted. I believe this will be through a larger organization like the UN or a group of nations not directly involved. I do feel a new map will be drawn, or there will be some change in land use or a border in the resolution of the conflict. I believe safe zones for citizens should become a reality in the region by New Year’s time.


Economy “falters” this winter. A crash is mildly averted. Housing market takes a hit. Wages cease to rise with inflation, for now. A female contending for the 2024 presidential race is announced. Economic stability closer to summer, but not a lot of growth. Biden considering to pull out of the 2024 race. If he does,  another male and female political match will run on the democratic ticket. A lot of conflict is around this decision. Bad press around Hunter Biden continues. The border will be overrun with more immigration than it can handle. There may be a temporary closure.


Shows a widening of the wealth gap, with most of the population falling into a recession and the extreme end of those with wealth becoming very wealthy. It will be a slower, longer recession than usual. Shortages of certain foods and products are indicated, and possibly fuel.


More earthquakes. Extreme weather. A bailout or international effort financially will help them.


An awakening of humanity, of sorts. The emergence of awareness, spiritual growth, ability to change the world in large numbers of people for a common, peaceful purpose. There will be a significant male teacher involved in leading this movement. He will be seen as a prophet in his culture.


Will face a large ethical question that could shake their identity as a nation. They will have to take a stand on a very large issue. Their leader is conflicted but will go with the “historic path and precedent.” Tradition will trump the desire for change, and the identity of their nation will remain similar for the near future.


Earthquake or large storm.


A situation regarding spies or a form of spying is uncovered or leaked. It may create a rift with USA.

South America

Shows a large amount of rainfall this winter,  and the preservation of an incredibly large region of the Amazon thanks to a western individual from outside the region who is able to bring nations together for a formal agreement. It will be his legacy to do this for the world.


The Queen of Swords is the card of the month. The energy of this card tells us to be decisive, intelligent, weigh all options, and focus. She helps us create a clear idea, path and outcome. The energy of this card is decisive and free from confusion. Be cautious not to be too blunt or severe in your reactions to others this month as this card does not tend to be the most charming and diplomatic of the deck. Tiger’s eye is the crystal of the month. This stone is protective and helps us with courage. I see it as a protective energy going towards affected regions of the world that need protection now. The advice is to stay calm and centered. This November offers a strong sense of clear thinking and some helpful solar energy that is not as disruptive as what we have experienced this summer and autumn so far.

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October Global Predictions 2023 🌎


“A fight beyond words, diplomatic error.” This makes me think of Ukraine, but also could be China. An older male in a position of power takes too much time on an important international decision or conflict. A sense of lacking resolution or perspective. It could be Biden. The uncertainty looks strong in early January through February 2024. Hunter Biden reveals himself to be in the news a lot this fall, seemingly unaware of more charges that may be brought against him. There is an issue with chemical imbalance or substance abuse by him that will be widely shared by the media this autumn. Some abundance after a tumultuous time for the US economy, but still inhcing along with interest rates and rising inflation affecting the market. Job market looks a bit “iffy” but OK, not terrible. A problem arises with student loan payments/repayments or laws regarding this topic. They show many people unable to pay their debts overall, mortgages, student loans, credit cards, etc. This trend gets worse as we get into this winter. A bitter battle will start within the democratic party about who should be the presidential nominee in 2024 with many saying that either a female politician or younger male should run instead of Biden. The issue will create negative press around the party, their ideals, and motives. There may be a blackout in a southern state due to a weather front being extremely cold. Communications will be affected, even possibly satellite activity.


Spain, A stromg drop in tourism and temperatures. Economic trouble for Europe this winter. Many businesses close due to inflation, and new regulations on food or finances. France, a male leader tries to improve the economy to some success. France allows more free trade or commerce of some kind, or incentives for tourists or foreigners to do some kind of work visa or elongated travel stays. Germany has an economic fall in one industry and then a quick recovery that could be a government bailout. An older female leader and younger male leader create the solution. There is a big rift within the EU about what to do regarding the war in Ukraine. Many leaders feel to pull out and end the war and others push to continue it past the holiday season this winter. It’s going to become even more expensive than before. I feel the USA will continue to finance it at least through the end of this winter.


Infertility rates rise globally. Western nations show stabilizing population numbers. October looks to be a very difficult month globally regarding mental health issues. The cards show me many people with extreme anxiety and possibly a change in society in the sense that people become much more reactive.

I see a very strange event where a group of people will be targeted between Asia and Europe but the instigator in this attack is somehow stopped suddenly. It may even be the fall politically of a certain group or party. The reading reveals something that looks like an attempted genocide. Other nations may intervene to prevent this.

We will receive interstellar communication and some strong solar storms this winter. Space travel increases. Astral travel will become easier for people as the solar energy continues to raise the energy of humanity in 2023 and early 2024.


China shows a blackout or malfunction of the energy grid. They do not show me weather as the reason. Taiwan will be in the news a lot this fall. Their political alignment may become more isolated. Tourism industry in Asia this winter is fairly slow.

South America

A coup or government uprising that is unexpected. A female leader or activist challenges an older male leader and the system crumbles under the conflict. Could be a falling out between two nations that have previously had a harmonious relationship. Extreme flooding is also shown for South America in a region with many rivers.


The star ⭐ is the Tarot Card of the month. It is a very significant energy of achieving our innermost dreams, goals, and heightening our spiritual awareness. A good period for creating goals, manifesting growth on all levels, and achieving results through isolated focus. Psychic dreams may be very profound or more frequent. October is typically a favorable month for manifestation. Many channelers and spiritual people always have said this about October. A good period also for creating a new structure. The star card does have a lot of water in the image so more astronomically aligned water events or flooding could occur. Rutilated quartz is the crystal of the month, drawing out negative energy from the positive we wish to create, making us aware of challenges and blockages but allowing us to go forward while preventing obstacles from stopping us in our tracks. Advanced spiritual work can happen easily at this time. This is also a great stone for psychic protection and projection.

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September 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


Economic turmoil and flooding. It looks like flooding in an area that was previously dry. The fires in Maui show up in the past position and show a great effort in recovery. A fairly young male who has been relatively quiet could become a candidate for the 2024 presidency. He is not in the news a lot. Ironically, they do not show me his party affiliation, I feel this means he has a very moderate stance. The reading doesn’t show me strong opinions of his in any direction. He could be an ideal choice for a vice presidential candidacy. They show Biden trying to eliminate some form of debt or strain on the economy but facing pushback from lenders. Mortgage rates do not fall as much as hoped for this fall. Early winter could be better, but they will head lower. A very large, ethical issue arrives to the Supreme Court but to much dismay the case is thrown out or back to the lower courts. The travel industry is affected by either strikes or layoffs. I see the reading shows near the holiday season the travel industry has a lot of people moving around but not enough staff in place. There is a general fear over corona coming back, or the travelers being nervous to travel for fear of restrictions coming back. This doesn’t limit many people in the end.


They show rioting, again, I believe over gas prices this fall or winter. This will greatly impact people traveling and the government’s plans.


Will invest significantly in some form of space travel. Russia initiates peace talks with Europe instead of USA regarding Ukraine. The leader of Ukraine may fall from power.


Flooding will be severe. This may be in China. Economic growth in an area with islands. Could be due to an investment by USA. Crypto market faces severe upheaval in Asia due to new regulations. Tourism sector here recuperating more than last year.


They show me an image of severe poverty. Areas of lawlessness leaders in conflict. Very little help or intervention from western nations.


Programs for tax relief for retired people will increase worldwide as as nations realize this is an opportunity for stability and growth. There may be some relaxation to EU rules going forward as well regarding visits or duration of stay.


Ace of pentacles is the card of the month. It suggests that we take time for material growth, planting the physical seeds of our ideas, plans, and gardening. “Use the creative energy of the Earth.” Good weather is forecasted for many areas regarding more sun this autumn in areas that normally get a fair amount of rain.  A favorable time for air travel. Healing with light, color therapy, or white light meditations should be extra potent at this time. Garnet comes through as the crystal of the month generating more vitality, good health, physical protection to traveling at night, and heightened creativity. Overall, a powerful month for creative endeavors, and a particularly good month for artists.

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August 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


Accidentally I almost typed USD, and as I feel there are no accidents in this work… I feel something significant related to the dollar or it’s value will occur this August. They show me more horrible weather, excessive rain and flooding. Farmlands seem to be the most affected, it looks like crops they thought could recuperate can not, or areas do not drain out as fast as anticipated. A younger male in charge of the cleanup or disaster. Tornado or hurricane? Midwestern states show a lot of wind. Tornadoes “again”. Legal victories for civil rights but problems in the banking sector. Disruption to air travel…a possible airline bankruptcy? The economy starts to show some improvement after the summer, an increase of spending is seen in the cards overall by individuals, companies, and the government. Gridlock in Congress on many legislative issues but a budget will pass. There are a lot of internal problems and security leaks this fall and winter. Could be a situation with spies being captured, double agents, staff leaking information, or people speaking up in order to make problems public so that they can be resolved from within. I think some of the information leaks will be very unexpected for the public.


A strong female political leader may emerge, she looks fairly young, somewhat conservative.


Natural disaster, earthquake or flooding. Looks like an area that doesn’t typically get a lot of rain inundated with flooding. Problems with health care arriving to the affected area.


Rioting, uprising. An older male leader able to bring peace.

Large lawsuits for Pharmaceutical agencies/ companies, enough to affect their abilliy to go forward. This may be international or happen simultaneously in many regions for the same reason. A movement to produce pharmaceuticals in Asia vs western nations.


One nation shows the inability to pay back loans. Looks like a very large country, Russia, China, possibly Afghanistan. They show dry weather where there is normally a lot of rain. An area with famine and agricultural difficulty where usually the land is rich. A male leader is taken aback and not sure what to do about this crisis. He is unprepared to help resolve it.


A female leader of the European Union initiates very difficult economic measures. The reading called it “restringent.”

Ukraine continues to show great difficulty, many areas are lawless. I see a lot of looting and fires. Many things are destroyed as the war comes to a close.

Middle East

A new area of conflict breaks out, possibly with Israel’s involvement. The international community is fairly surprised by this event.


Globally things get moving, but slow and steady is the new pace. Overall, a sense of people and investors being conservative with money through early this winter. Travel industry makes a conservative rebound as well. They prepare this winter for another potential pandemic or limited travel due to some reason outside of the travel sector. Ironically, this doesn’t look to be a drastic change.

They really want me to discuss the extrene weather and the difficulty this may cause many people with moving around and travel this winter, possibly even near the holidays. Plan accordingly, and leave yourself time.


Rest and work in a stable way. The energy for rest and recuperation is highlighted for August. Garnet comes through as the crystal for healing, energizing and abundance. Economy starts to improve and this impacts the mood globally as people become more optimistic, although keep in mind the pace is slow. This is a good month to build long term plans, study, focus on education in some form. Four of wands is the card of the month. The four of wands is typically used to represent a wedding, union, perfection or celebration. Beauty, growth, harmony, and perfectionism can be indicated. However, the following card brings difficulty. Build strength to prepare a nice foundation and have an idea of where you want to go. This month looks a little less intense in an electromagnetic sense for the 🌎. Healing for the earth is highlighted this month as well.


July 2023 Global Predictions 🌎

“A Power Month”


Weather “cyclone” or tornadoes. Active tornado season. High winds. Fires. Drought in the Midwest. A female contender for president gains popularity but will not run or receive endorsement. It is a tactic to divert energy to the issues she speaks about. Ethical questions for the schools or the department of education. Stagnation on legislative issues, resistance to change, a stalling economy. Interest rates may stay somewhat the same or change only slightly. There is a great fear of change in the US regarding economy. This autumn will be an unstable time for banks in USA but they will get by somehow. An unusually quiet summer politically. A female politician from a tropical state, maybe Hawaii, makes waves about some significant issues nationally, especially regarding national security. Arguments over the federal reserve, mortgage rates, grid lock economically for USA this summer. For Biden I see exhaustion or fainting, maybe in public or on TV, a live event at a college or university.

France shows civil unrest through the summer but more economic offerings to people to sustain economic growth. In Europe there will be great effort by governments to spend to stimulate the economy.

Crises with water in Asia islands, flooding, maybe a tsunami. I see small boats losing their ability to float well. Many islands in this area. Crisis within the family structure, not sure if this is cultural or with a very famous family that would be well publicized. It looks like it could be in China. Economic downturn, slowing, production overall or of a major industry halting or severely slowing down.

Russia, unable to continue the war. Economic hardship. Population looks to be declining. A high death toll from the war. Infrastructure problems. I really feel the war in Ukraine is coming to an end and the cards say “a winner will be declared but there is really no winner.” It has been costly and many lives were lost. The only positive is that it is ending.

Kuwait female leadership, Abundance, economic success.

Bali storms, or volcanic event. They show me the mountain twice. Spiritual growth there. A female leader for Indonesia. A need for more medical care after this weather event.

Belgium Worker strikes. Europe showing the current economic recession is growing. There will be a great effort to increase exports to remedy this. The exports will be to USA or a travel across an ocean and not by land.

Overall the atmosphere looks very active for July. Windy and possibly difficult for air travel. August looks less so.

They show me a huge increase in migration or immigration of people to a place that is better for them to raise families. At first, it does not look like USA and I’m wondering if there will be another huge migration change in Europe on the mainland soon. USA came to mind but the image I see is for another area, however, my intuition feels both will happen but the one that is not in USA may be more of a surprise.

Advice Garnet is the crystal of the month for energy for health, love, and protection while traveling at night. 5 of swords is the card of the month. I feel this may relate to Russia also, to accept defeat from Ukraine. For us on an individual level, it means to accept what has not worked, acknowledge it, but move on. Don’t linger in self pity. Go forward with what you have, create more.

A happy time for marriages, births, and positive energy regarding love, partnership relationships, harmony, and cooperation. Seeing things from another point of view. Clarity in relationships may be at an all time high. Mothering, the earth, and growth are highlighted. A green visual of more plants or trees. The earth energy right now is showing exhaustion, this may impact the people who are more sensitive. They may pick up on this energy and feel more tired lately. A higher need to rest or recuperate than normal.

July is a more difficult month for healing, the cards show me a time of friction and internal questioning, a lot of static in the universe. This is a very highly energetic time regarding the electromagnetic energy of the planet. Try to work with this energy and integrate it vs fighting it. The old ways can not continue but can be transformed to become new. Acknowledge yourself, those that are lying to themselves will face difficulty because of this new vibration of earth energy. It will be very difficult to avoid growth and self growth this month as we are receiving more light and energy to the planet. Abundant thought, behavior, expansive energy, being open, time in nature and fresh air are advised now. A good time for travel and inspiration from new ideas.

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June 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


“A costly war.” The cards describe the situation of aiding the Ukrainian war as a financial decision that leaves the USA in a bad position for upcoming domestic issues which will be much more expensive than originally anticipated. The economy will bear the brunt of the burden of this. Inflation will continue to rise. Interest rates may not drop as much as originally anticipated. Biden continues to reveal an unstable health condition at public events. Biden looks to run for reelection. Weather events look very unstable for the USA this summer. A younger male leader looks to be popular choice for president although I feel he is not in the upcoming election, but the next one. His fame spreads rapidly and without much effort on his part. I do not think he anticipated the opportunity to run for president. In the cards he looks very surprised to have the choice.


“A continental shift.” By this I’m not sure if it is physical or metaphorical…. but it will affect more than 1 country in Europe. My feeling is that it could be an earthquake in Italy or near the Mediterranean region. Economy will suffer and a housing crisis is emerging. A female leader in the EU tries to create a coordinated response to the economic situation but she is unsuccessful.


They show me drastic weather events or changes in Africa. Touristic travel increases to this region overall. Leaders are looking to avoid a topic that could create great rifts between them. A large meeting or decision between countries seems to be put off for this reason.


Seems to be one of few places where the economy will improve. They show a change of currency, or resolution of a debt that instigates this change. A female leader involved is credited with the success.


Areas of Antarctica open to the public. There will be a plan to open more of this area to the public over time. They show me dramatic weather events in this area of the world this summer as well.

Middle East

Shows a large conflict brewing that will create massive amounts of migration to Europe in the next 2 to 3 years. A somewhat unexpected war with one nation acting very quickly to attack another. The global community, however, does not get as heavily involved as it did in the past. To me this is laying the groundwork for a much larger war or conflict between nations. Eventually, other nations will not be able to remain silent and neutral due to the brutal conditions of the attack.

Overall, I see so many wind and weather events. I think it will be a difficult year regarding storms.

Questions from the group

Economy, Work force- people in tech and not, and AI

The economy was revealed in the prior section. For AI, the cards say ” it will come to an ethical standstill.” All involved are aware it can destroy humanity and life around it. There may be other uses for it that do not involve self operating or mobile forms that continue to develop more heavily. I feel we are at a roadblock with this. It may be an area that starts to “stall” on its development.

Work force will “balance out.” The cards say “not everyone has to be involved with technology. ” I feel the two options go forward without too much of a shift for now. There seems to be some stabilization regarding this question, like there was a lot of growth or a jump recently and now things will stabilize in their new, current balance.


“June is a month of celebrations.” This month’s focus from the cards is on intellect and intellectual pursuits, karma and harmoniously balancing karma, soul contracts and fulfilling your higher purpose,  ancient wisdom and awareness of what gifts have been passed down to you. A great month to focus on your higher calling and remove and mental obstacles in your path, or negative thought patterns. Tarot Card of the month is the Ace of Swords, and the crystal of the month is the diamond.  💎

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May 2023 Global Predictions 🔮 🌎

Global Predictions May 2023


A prominent female politician shows the desire to resign or arrives in the news due to a financial scandal or poor policy decision. I’m not sure if this is an elected official, the reading says it is someone in a “federal position” but could be someone at a federal institution or the federal reserve. The reading seems to feel that this woman has enormous power over how our economy will go and that her decision will impact the next 4 months or occur within the next 4 months. The public education system is starting to accumulate enormous debt and is headed for a crisis if this does not change. The USA will give money again to Ukraine. It looks like about 40 billion dollars more and possibly military supplies. There is a profitable private sector project that may be connected with a government contract regarding space exploration and touristic trips into space. This sector will begin to grow more. There is a number 9 associated with it, 9 days, weeks, months, or years. I feel it is 9 years because they tell me “it could take about a decade.” The government and media will start to shy away from health topics “to focus on energy.” This will be the next overwhelming topic in the news likely for the next few years. The judicial system shows delays, running behind, and the border crisis due to not enough staff to handle the amount of people coming in. There will be a poverty crisis in cities that do not have enough work for those arriving. There are no additional programs that I can see that will offer help. Georgia shows bad weather or a difficult economic situation due to a weather event. It looks to be in the summer or a warmer months.


“Still a lot of tension!” The public is still very angry. A male leader may resign or decide not to run for re-election due to this. They show economic trouble this summer. Tourism improves overall this year for Europe.


They show me a weather issue or very dry season affecting the land but overall they are able to sustain. A new, younger, male leader emerges. He will be very well liked by the public, he has a strong personality and charisma.


May be the first city with technology “doing everything,” even managing health care. The public handles this with mixed emotions. Some things are not a success.

Middle East

There will be a lot of spiritual growth and change in the region over the next years. You will see the public speak up, organize, and debate issues that were accepted in the past. I think women’s rights will grow in this region also economic shifts will occur to stabilize these social changes.


Faces a large cyclone, storm, flooding or earthquake. I see the ground shaking but do not feel it is from a tsunami. There will be record rainfall in a mountainous region. I see landslides of mud pouring down bringing down structures with it.


A big scandal with the royal family is coming, not related to Princess Diana or the past but something much more current. I think it will come from Prince Harry revealing something about his brother. It looks like a lot was held back even in light of recent interviews.

Questions from the group

USA Economy? “Overall not great for a little longer.” There is a stalling at a higher level regarding boosting the economy. I would assume this is the stalling of a decision to change rates. Not the best administration for the value of the dollar. The delay is exaggerated. The economy and dollar are not recovering as well as they could.

Mortgage Rates? “Still a very difficult market.” Still not an ideal time to buy, but I think this will change in the summer months. The cards are telling me to look closer to August or September. Those months are highly favorable for anyone getting a mortgage. Prices of homes may not recover that much but remain somewhat stable. April and May do not look as good but they also tell me very few people are selling until later in May. There will be more on the market around that time.


A good time to connect socially and to celebrate. A good time to focus on teamwork, family, and how to balance your needs with others. The huge astrological shifts from March and May have relieved some stress but we need to adapt to the new energy. There is an acceleration of the ability to heal due to the solar activity and “more light” around us. Ancestral energy is aware of this shift and propels us all to evolve and go forward. Psychic activity increases worldwide as we all start to become a bit more “psychic.” Gold is highlighted as a metal to use this month to help attract benefits of the solar energy. Ten of Cups is the Tarot Card of the month. FILL YOUR CUPS with energy, nurture your social and family connections, and enjoy nature. Eat well and do not push your body too hard as we go into this new energetic phase. There will be a lot of solar activity in May specifically.

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