September 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


Economic turmoil and flooding. It looks like flooding in an area that was previously dry. The fires in Maui show up in the past position and show a great effort in recovery. A fairly young male who has been relatively quiet could become a candidate for the 2024 presidency. He is not in the news a lot. Ironically, they do not show me his party affiliation, I feel this means he has a very moderate stance. The reading doesn’t show me strong opinions of his in any direction. He could be an ideal choice for a vice presidential candidacy. They show Biden trying to eliminate some form of debt or strain on the economy but facing pushback from lenders. Mortgage rates do not fall as much as hoped for this fall. Early winter could be better, but they will head lower. A very large, ethical issue arrives to the Supreme Court but to much dismay the case is thrown out or back to the lower courts. The travel industry is affected by either strikes or layoffs. I see the reading shows near the holiday season the travel industry has a lot of people moving around but not enough staff in place. There is a general fear over corona coming back, or the travelers being nervous to travel for fear of restrictions coming back. This doesn’t limit many people in the end.


They show rioting, again, I believe over gas prices this fall or winter. This will greatly impact people traveling and the government’s plans.


Will invest significantly in some form of space travel. Russia initiates peace talks with Europe instead of USA regarding Ukraine. The leader of Ukraine may fall from power.


Flooding will be severe. This may be in China. Economic growth in an area with islands. Could be due to an investment by USA. Crypto market faces severe upheaval in Asia due to new regulations. Tourism sector here recuperating more than last year.


They show me an image of severe poverty. Areas of lawlessness leaders in conflict. Very little help or intervention from western nations.


Programs for tax relief for retired people will increase worldwide as as nations realize this is an opportunity for stability and growth. There may be some relaxation to EU rules going forward as well regarding visits or duration of stay.


Ace of pentacles is the card of the month. It suggests that we take time for material growth, planting the physical seeds of our ideas, plans, and gardening. “Use the creative energy of the Earth.” Good weather is forecasted for many areas regarding more sun this autumn in areas that normally get a fair amount of rain.  A favorable time for air travel. Healing with light, color therapy, or white light meditations should be extra potent at this time. Garnet comes through as the crystal of the month generating more vitality, good health, physical protection to traveling at night, and heightened creativity. Overall, a powerful month for creative endeavors, and a particularly good month for artists.

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August 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


Accidentally I almost typed USD, and as I feel there are no accidents in this work… I feel something significant related to the dollar or it’s value will occur this August. They show me more horrible weather, excessive rain and flooding. Farmlands seem to be the most affected, it looks like crops they thought could recuperate can not, or areas do not drain out as fast as anticipated. A younger male in charge of the cleanup or disaster. Tornado or hurricane? Midwestern states show a lot of wind. Tornadoes “again”. Legal victories for civil rights but problems in the banking sector. Disruption to air travel…a possible airline bankruptcy? The economy starts to show some improvement after the summer, an increase of spending is seen in the cards overall by individuals, companies, and the government. Gridlock in Congress on many legislative issues but a budget will pass. There are a lot of internal problems and security leaks this fall and winter. Could be a situation with spies being captured, double agents, staff leaking information, or people speaking up in order to make problems public so that they can be resolved from within. I think some of the information leaks will be very unexpected for the public.


A strong female political leader may emerge, she looks fairly young, somewhat conservative.


Natural disaster, earthquake or flooding. Looks like an area that doesn’t typically get a lot of rain inundated with flooding. Problems with health care arriving to the affected area.


Rioting, uprising. An older male leader able to bring peace.

Large lawsuits for Pharmaceutical agencies/ companies, enough to affect their abilliy to go forward. This may be international or happen simultaneously in many regions for the same reason. A movement to produce pharmaceuticals in Asia vs western nations.


One nation shows the inability to pay back loans. Looks like a very large country, Russia, China, possibly Afghanistan. They show dry weather where there is normally a lot of rain. An area with famine and agricultural difficulty where usually the land is rich. A male leader is taken aback and not sure what to do about this crisis. He is unprepared to help resolve it.


A female leader of the European Union initiates very difficult economic measures. The reading called it “restringent.”

Ukraine continues to show great difficulty, many areas are lawless. I see a lot of looting and fires. Many things are destroyed as the war comes to a close.

Middle East

A new area of conflict breaks out, possibly with Israel’s involvement. The international community is fairly surprised by this event.


Globally things get moving, but slow and steady is the new pace. Overall, a sense of people and investors being conservative with money through early this winter. Travel industry makes a conservative rebound as well. They prepare this winter for another potential pandemic or limited travel due to some reason outside of the travel sector. Ironically, this doesn’t look to be a drastic change.

They really want me to discuss the extrene weather and the difficulty this may cause many people with moving around and travel this winter, possibly even near the holidays. Plan accordingly, and leave yourself time.


Rest and work in a stable way. The energy for rest and recuperation is highlighted for August. Garnet comes through as the crystal for healing, energizing and abundance. Economy starts to improve and this impacts the mood globally as people become more optimistic, although keep in mind the pace is slow. This is a good month to build long term plans, study, focus on education in some form. Four of wands is the card of the month. The four of wands is typically used to represent a wedding, union, perfection or celebration. Beauty, growth, harmony, and perfectionism can be indicated. However, the following card brings difficulty. Build strength to prepare a nice foundation and have an idea of where you want to go. This month looks a little less intense in an electromagnetic sense for the 🌎. Healing for the earth is highlighted this month as well.


July 2023 Global Predictions 🌎

“A Power Month”


Weather “cyclone” or tornadoes. Active tornado season. High winds. Fires. Drought in the Midwest. A female contender for president gains popularity but will not run or receive endorsement. It is a tactic to divert energy to the issues she speaks about. Ethical questions for the schools or the department of education. Stagnation on legislative issues, resistance to change, a stalling economy. Interest rates may stay somewhat the same or change only slightly. There is a great fear of change in the US regarding economy. This autumn will be an unstable time for banks in USA but they will get by somehow. An unusually quiet summer politically. A female politician from a tropical state, maybe Hawaii, makes waves about some significant issues nationally, especially regarding national security. Arguments over the federal reserve, mortgage rates, grid lock economically for USA this summer. For Biden I see exhaustion or fainting, maybe in public or on TV, a live event at a college or university.

France shows civil unrest through the summer but more economic offerings to people to sustain economic growth. In Europe there will be great effort by governments to spend to stimulate the economy.

Crises with water in Asia islands, flooding, maybe a tsunami. I see small boats losing their ability to float well. Many islands in this area. Crisis within the family structure, not sure if this is cultural or with a very famous family that would be well publicized. It looks like it could be in China. Economic downturn, slowing, production overall or of a major industry halting or severely slowing down.

Russia, unable to continue the war. Economic hardship. Population looks to be declining. A high death toll from the war. Infrastructure problems. I really feel the war in Ukraine is coming to an end and the cards say “a winner will be declared but there is really no winner.” It has been costly and many lives were lost. The only positive is that it is ending.

Kuwait female leadership, Abundance, economic success.

Bali storms, or volcanic event. They show me the mountain twice. Spiritual growth there. A female leader for Indonesia. A need for more medical care after this weather event.

Belgium Worker strikes. Europe showing the current economic recession is growing. There will be a great effort to increase exports to remedy this. The exports will be to USA or a travel across an ocean and not by land.

Overall the atmosphere looks very active for July. Windy and possibly difficult for air travel. August looks less so.

They show me a huge increase in migration or immigration of people to a place that is better for them to raise families. At first, it does not look like USA and I’m wondering if there will be another huge migration change in Europe on the mainland soon. USA came to mind but the image I see is for another area, however, my intuition feels both will happen but the one that is not in USA may be more of a surprise.

Advice Garnet is the crystal of the month for energy for health, love, and protection while traveling at night. 5 of swords is the card of the month. I feel this may relate to Russia also, to accept defeat from Ukraine. For us on an individual level, it means to accept what has not worked, acknowledge it, but move on. Don’t linger in self pity. Go forward with what you have, create more.

A happy time for marriages, births, and positive energy regarding love, partnership relationships, harmony, and cooperation. Seeing things from another point of view. Clarity in relationships may be at an all time high. Mothering, the earth, and growth are highlighted. A green visual of more plants or trees. The earth energy right now is showing exhaustion, this may impact the people who are more sensitive. They may pick up on this energy and feel more tired lately. A higher need to rest or recuperate than normal.

July is a more difficult month for healing, the cards show me a time of friction and internal questioning, a lot of static in the universe. This is a very highly energetic time regarding the electromagnetic energy of the planet. Try to work with this energy and integrate it vs fighting it. The old ways can not continue but can be transformed to become new. Acknowledge yourself, those that are lying to themselves will face difficulty because of this new vibration of earth energy. It will be very difficult to avoid growth and self growth this month as we are receiving more light and energy to the planet. Abundant thought, behavior, expansive energy, being open, time in nature and fresh air are advised now. A good time for travel and inspiration from new ideas.

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June 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


“A costly war.” The cards describe the situation of aiding the Ukrainian war as a financial decision that leaves the USA in a bad position for upcoming domestic issues which will be much more expensive than originally anticipated. The economy will bear the brunt of the burden of this. Inflation will continue to rise. Interest rates may not drop as much as originally anticipated. Biden continues to reveal an unstable health condition at public events. Biden looks to run for reelection. Weather events look very unstable for the USA this summer. A younger male leader looks to be popular choice for president although I feel he is not in the upcoming election, but the next one. His fame spreads rapidly and without much effort on his part. I do not think he anticipated the opportunity to run for president. In the cards he looks very surprised to have the choice.


“A continental shift.” By this I’m not sure if it is physical or metaphorical…. but it will affect more than 1 country in Europe. My feeling is that it could be an earthquake in Italy or near the Mediterranean region. Economy will suffer and a housing crisis is emerging. A female leader in the EU tries to create a coordinated response to the economic situation but she is unsuccessful.


They show me drastic weather events or changes in Africa. Touristic travel increases to this region overall. Leaders are looking to avoid a topic that could create great rifts between them. A large meeting or decision between countries seems to be put off for this reason.


Seems to be one of few places where the economy will improve. They show a change of currency, or resolution of a debt that instigates this change. A female leader involved is credited with the success.


Areas of Antarctica open to the public. There will be a plan to open more of this area to the public over time. They show me dramatic weather events in this area of the world this summer as well.

Middle East

Shows a large conflict brewing that will create massive amounts of migration to Europe in the next 2 to 3 years. A somewhat unexpected war with one nation acting very quickly to attack another. The global community, however, does not get as heavily involved as it did in the past. To me this is laying the groundwork for a much larger war or conflict between nations. Eventually, other nations will not be able to remain silent and neutral due to the brutal conditions of the attack.

Overall, I see so many wind and weather events. I think it will be a difficult year regarding storms.

Questions from the group

Economy, Work force- people in tech and not, and AI

The economy was revealed in the prior section. For AI, the cards say ” it will come to an ethical standstill.” All involved are aware it can destroy humanity and life around it. There may be other uses for it that do not involve self operating or mobile forms that continue to develop more heavily. I feel we are at a roadblock with this. It may be an area that starts to “stall” on its development.

Work force will “balance out.” The cards say “not everyone has to be involved with technology. ” I feel the two options go forward without too much of a shift for now. There seems to be some stabilization regarding this question, like there was a lot of growth or a jump recently and now things will stabilize in their new, current balance.


“June is a month of celebrations.” This month’s focus from the cards is on intellect and intellectual pursuits, karma and harmoniously balancing karma, soul contracts and fulfilling your higher purpose,  ancient wisdom and awareness of what gifts have been passed down to you. A great month to focus on your higher calling and remove and mental obstacles in your path, or negative thought patterns. Tarot Card of the month is the Ace of Swords, and the crystal of the month is the diamond.  💎

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May 2023 Global Predictions 🔮 🌎

Global Predictions May 2023


A prominent female politician shows the desire to resign or arrives in the news due to a financial scandal or poor policy decision. I’m not sure if this is an elected official, the reading says it is someone in a “federal position” but could be someone at a federal institution or the federal reserve. The reading seems to feel that this woman has enormous power over how our economy will go and that her decision will impact the next 4 months or occur within the next 4 months. The public education system is starting to accumulate enormous debt and is headed for a crisis if this does not change. The USA will give money again to Ukraine. It looks like about 40 billion dollars more and possibly military supplies. There is a profitable private sector project that may be connected with a government contract regarding space exploration and touristic trips into space. This sector will begin to grow more. There is a number 9 associated with it, 9 days, weeks, months, or years. I feel it is 9 years because they tell me “it could take about a decade.” The government and media will start to shy away from health topics “to focus on energy.” This will be the next overwhelming topic in the news likely for the next few years. The judicial system shows delays, running behind, and the border crisis due to not enough staff to handle the amount of people coming in. There will be a poverty crisis in cities that do not have enough work for those arriving. There are no additional programs that I can see that will offer help. Georgia shows bad weather or a difficult economic situation due to a weather event. It looks to be in the summer or a warmer months.


“Still a lot of tension!” The public is still very angry. A male leader may resign or decide not to run for re-election due to this. They show economic trouble this summer. Tourism improves overall this year for Europe.


They show me a weather issue or very dry season affecting the land but overall they are able to sustain. A new, younger, male leader emerges. He will be very well liked by the public, he has a strong personality and charisma.


May be the first city with technology “doing everything,” even managing health care. The public handles this with mixed emotions. Some things are not a success.

Middle East

There will be a lot of spiritual growth and change in the region over the next years. You will see the public speak up, organize, and debate issues that were accepted in the past. I think women’s rights will grow in this region also economic shifts will occur to stabilize these social changes.


Faces a large cyclone, storm, flooding or earthquake. I see the ground shaking but do not feel it is from a tsunami. There will be record rainfall in a mountainous region. I see landslides of mud pouring down bringing down structures with it.


A big scandal with the royal family is coming, not related to Princess Diana or the past but something much more current. I think it will come from Prince Harry revealing something about his brother. It looks like a lot was held back even in light of recent interviews.

Questions from the group

USA Economy? “Overall not great for a little longer.” There is a stalling at a higher level regarding boosting the economy. I would assume this is the stalling of a decision to change rates. Not the best administration for the value of the dollar. The delay is exaggerated. The economy and dollar are not recovering as well as they could.

Mortgage Rates? “Still a very difficult market.” Still not an ideal time to buy, but I think this will change in the summer months. The cards are telling me to look closer to August or September. Those months are highly favorable for anyone getting a mortgage. Prices of homes may not recover that much but remain somewhat stable. April and May do not look as good but they also tell me very few people are selling until later in May. There will be more on the market around that time.


A good time to connect socially and to celebrate. A good time to focus on teamwork, family, and how to balance your needs with others. The huge astrological shifts from March and May have relieved some stress but we need to adapt to the new energy. There is an acceleration of the ability to heal due to the solar activity and “more light” around us. Ancestral energy is aware of this shift and propels us all to evolve and go forward. Psychic activity increases worldwide as we all start to become a bit more “psychic.” Gold is highlighted as a metal to use this month to help attract benefits of the solar energy. Ten of Cups is the Tarot Card of the month. FILL YOUR CUPS with energy, nurture your social and family connections, and enjoy nature. Eat well and do not push your body too hard as we go into this new energetic phase. There will be a lot of solar activity in May specifically.

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March 2023 🌎 Global Predictions


There will be another large election scandal centered around a female candidate in the not too distant future. Documents are not valid or falsified somehow. There is a slowing of progress and a sense of another upcoming labor shortage because inflation doesn’t impact salary increases. This will cause the recession to last longer and the economy to move more slowly compared to its regular activity. I see a lot of technological advancements especially in government. Some of these are ready to be rolled out to the public. New biometric or other security features will start to be used for many government buildings and locations by the end of the year. Air pollution looks extremely high for March 2023.


Shows a conflict with USA on a large international matter. May be about Russia. A disagreement between the 2 leaders creates a lack of a coordinated discussion. The rift will reach the news. USA will want to retreat from involvement in the conflict with Russia after having been heavily involved for some time, leaving France and Europe in a difficult diplomatic position.


An upcoming and unexpected military conflict arises in Africa. They don’t show me if this is between countries there or a country outside Africa that enters. There is an overwhelming sense of an invasion, uprising, or large shift of power that will occur. The leader of the nation affected is caught off guard. More flooding for Africa as well.

Europe and the UK

Problems with Brexit somehow create administrative problems for people this year. Could be new travel regulations or policies. Some of the policies implemented could change quickly as they are not functioning well or as intended. Economic factors will drive this change forward. A tense energy around this issue is shown.


They say “the big one. ” (I’m not quite sure what they mean by that!) Economic success and moving forward after corona, although the economy in the world’s eye regarding opportunities has been permanently affected. Investors will be more hesitant regarding China and other areas of Asia may receive more business now. They are reaching a more stable point economically, finally, but may have one more big hiccup this year late spring or early summer near June.


The cards say they don’t want to end the conflict in Ukraine even though they know they are losing. It may be related to pride as a nation that they do not want to look weak. The war is now extremely costly for them. Many operations have been scaled back. I see less troops. A growing concern between relations with China is starting. People are trying to move cash and assets out of Russia. Their economy going forward does not look good.


“A year of extreme weather.” A lot of electromagnetic energy shifting on the earth. Temperatures in many areas do not “stay stable.” Seasons everywhere may have unusual temperature fluctuations. Storms, solar storms, and electromagnetic activity are behind the cause. They highlight Asia again and something very significant with lightning coming up soon. A good year to keep extra water on hand in case of blackouts .

There were no questions from the group this month so I have extended advice for March.


Love relationships are highlighted this month as a time to resolve conflict and create unity or arrive at decisions with less stress. The astrology supports a better understanding of one another and a time of productive conversations. If you have been waiting to have a big talk with a partner that you fear could be difficult, this month has a very supportive and peaceful energy for harmony and conflict resolution. Travel is also fairly fluid this month.

Spiritual activities like astral travel and lucid dreaming are strong this month. I have extremely strong cards revealing that psychic dreams will overall become much more common for many individuals. It is a time that people will shift into higher consciousness more rapidly. Animals as well will show signs of more intuitive connections. Mother earth wants us to grow more now. A good month for plants or planting things as the energy of the root connections is very strong, also for working with ancestor energy or connecting to your roots and ancestral lines spiritually. These activities will have a higher energy this month.

The high priestess is our Tarot Card of the month and expresses the need to learn, focus, see clearly, and have higher awareness. Nurturing and refining our skills and abilities is a good focus now. Also connecting with nature and sending healing energy to the earth will a have stronger impact globally now. Crystal of the month is carnelian, encouraging us to focus again on our roots, grounding,  first Chakra energy and healing, health, self-esteem, stability, overcoming obstacles, and healing issues related to bones, circulation, depression, and better vitamin and mineral absortion.


Economic collapse coming to a western nation. The banking crisis increases. Biden may resign, decide not to run again, or have a health failing which prevents him from carrying out his role as president. They describe it as a large disruption politically. Relationship stress is high in mid March through April. An earthquake in a fairly westernized nation but the reading seems to feel this may be in the middle east or Africa. Questions from the group: Will there be government accountability? The cards say “not really!” But there will be a loss of influence or control for those with poor intentions. An increase in more ethical people going into government roles. This is a very strong feeling in the dynamic of this question. It may be part of the global awakening. Flooding in Asia, Africa, and California again. Turkey not recovering well from recent events. It may take many years for them to recover fully. The digital currency is coming but complicated by whether or not it should be only one account per person or per household. It will aim to be per household and become less popular as an idea once this form is presented to the public.

Take care and be well 🙏

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February 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


Economy wavering, many companies will continue with layoffs due to the stalling economy. Recession lasts longer than anticipated. Not much recovery until early June. A conflict over education and funding at a federal level. A decision to cut or lower budget, services, or programs that are run nationally in public schools. Some successful and inexpensive healing methods are put on hold, or successful treatments due to administrative processes moving too slowly. A slowing overall of how government offices function, wait times for documents, etc.


A corruption scandal around a highly successful female politician makes big news this spring. It looks to be a financial scandal. It is someone who would have had a good economic impact on the nation but the scandal derails their political path. Economic difficulties for France this summer. The labor shortage continues to have a big impact there.


Economy in Asia is starting to pick up again and travel looks to open up. Less restrictions are forecasted and the airline industry adds more flights. 2023 should show a touristic rebound for them.

South America

A lot of riots and civil unrest. Chile is mentioned. A currency used crashes in one nation this spring sparking major protests and inflation rises overnight. The banks and other financial institutions offer little or no help. There is a great spiritual awakening in this part of the world and the energy of the land and people will reflect this.


They show storms in a region which typically doesn’t get rain… could even be a desert type of climate. Almost like a cataclysm. Could be severe flooding. A nation gets a female leader who will help her country significantly. There is still a lot of conflict with western nations involved economically with African countries and this comes to a more critical point soon.


Neonatal health is not as good this year generally. There have been changes to health which make this “harder.” This relates mostly to growth and environment. The challenge will be revealed or “discovered” and become a thing of the past quickly in the coming years.

Outer Space

More passenger journeys begin. New minerals are discovered this fall. An active year for meteor showers. Life/water on other planets is discovered.


Great breakthroughs but more challenges…a lot of layoffs in this industry worldwide. Asian nations seem to wrestle with a new technology that is not very popular with the public. There could even be protests or riots about this.

The Earth

A strong production of crystals but a heavy focus on mining particular minerals. Some minerals used for technology may start to become short in supply. This will create much higher prices going forward.

Questions from the group

Future pandemic? Current treatments or cures are effective. The cards say “not at this time” for a future pandemic. Natural disasters? Ironically, they show a big event in space this month. Maybe an explosion of some sort! Not on earth.


Card of the month is the Father of Swords. Be cautious and calculated, decisive, don’t get lost in doubts, follow your path diligently. A good time to focus and do activities that require a lot of discipline, management, intellectual energy, and planning. A good time to finish large projects that you have put off or take on a large task.

Crystal of the month is citrine, to protect against negative energy. This quartz will keep you on your focused activities without having to worry about negative influences or people. There is a tendency to spend too much this month so please watch finances closely. The cards of impulse and losing money appear together. Could be a difficult month for the market or investments. Keeping boundaries will be hard this month as there are many energies that will test them both personally and globally. “What will society accept?”

January 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


More economic problems. An “isolated” administration. A lesser known female leader becomes a much stronger leader for a large political party. The economic issues could last about 7 months. Stagnation, hiring slows, not a time of great growth until mid summer. A female governor could become a strong candidate for a VP role. Social elements and community is highlighted at this time. Things that require a partnership or team have a heightened cooperative energy. A favorable month for marriages and commitment. More news about Hunter Biden, his father is very upset with him. The relationship becomes more strained from a political or business perspective, it almost looks that he could be disowned. They have a strong karmic issue which the reading says is not getting resolved but becoming delayed and strained. This issue must resolve in order for them to move forward without pressure. There may be significant news in February about their connection. Private schools show higher enrollment, public schools reveal problems with debt.


A more peaceful time but not a time of growth. Economy slows also here and in Europe. A new, younger male leader may arrive to the forefront of a party that is currently in power. The Euro weakens in strength.


Economic crisis there as well. Could be related to the currency. The people are able to get by but the standard of living overall may change.


China is going to have more problems. They may try to go back to zero corona or make believe everything is fine but their economy shows a slower time and people may protest against the government again. There is a lot of political instability there which is not typical for the nation. A major leader may resign. Relations with other nearby nations become strained. Vietnam and Indonesia are mentioned. Possibly record flooding in a mountainous region. Famous antiques stolen in an affected area as well.


A desire to overcome death and create the soul spurs new innovations in artifical intelligence. It is not perfected, and the new technology lacks empathy inherent in the soul. Technology companies will settle for the outcome they receive knowing it has flaws. The debate on how this technology gets used may become the next big hot topic. There is a sense in the reading that the technology will not truly help humanity in the long term and create problems/malfunction in an unpredictable way. Overall on this topic the cards are dark, problematic, and depressive.

The higher death rate from 2021/2022 remans high for 2023.

Moving and large decisions are highlighted this year as people have more intuitive clarity and stronger gut instincts. The energy is more direct and uncomplicated compared to 2022.


The market looks to be tough near the spring or that may be a rough time to invest. A lot of political and global instability between March and April. By May, there is more clarity going forward. Use your gut instead of market predictions during those 2 months.

Questions from the group

Mayuruks impeachment? The cards say there is enormous pressure on this as there is some corruption or valid reason for a trial. A court proceeding will begin. It will be successful.

FBI collapse? Overall a lack of enthusiasm. There is going to be some form of restructuring although I’m not sure it is a collapse. The organization is too large to function well, it may be divided in some form or responsibilities may shift to other agencies. This looks to be a very slow change that may not happen for years.


This is an excellent time to dive into intuitive pursuits and past life information, skills, and gifts. A good time to resolve psychological trauma. The energy around January is fairly clear and calm. The global energy also is relatively quiet. Passion and the arts is highlighted. For artists, a very good time to create as ideas flow well through the ether. Communication between partners is strong, a good time for couples to have important talks, make big decisions, reset old patterns to create new ones, or make commitments. This month strongly highlights partnership. The crystal moonstone is also coming up as a good crystal to work with this month. The Tarot Card of the month is the Moon. Go deep within to find the light that guides you. Clear out emotional and material clutter. Embrace your gifts and acknowledge your weaknesses. Be extra caring with yourself and make sure you have enough rest while working on deeply emotional and spiritual issues. Be well in 2023!



December 2022 Global Predictions 🌎


“A stalling and difficult economy, potential crashes. ” After what seems to be a calmer period for the market,  there are some upsets to the stability early new year and into the spring. Many people will hesitate on spending overall for the next 6 months. There is a lack of strong leadership related to the economy and how to proceed on a federal level, possibly disagreement about the best way to move forward. Biden will try to take a backseat to these issues regarding the press and their questions. A period where the White House will not want to comment strongly on these topics. A crisis with migration will come this spring although I’m not sure if it is due to the sheer volume of people waiting to enter or an environmental disaster or storm that affects the safety of people near the border. It seems health conditions overall will improve regarding immigrants and their health care, but not until after the spring, and this relates to changes regarding documented immigrants.


I see people really freaking out about a labor shortage and/or worker conditions. The economy will struggle going into this spring. Resources will be limited but I’m not sure if this is due to government regulations or lack of resources, could be a combination. You will see protests in the news about it this winter. The season also looks to be very cold.


Russia and Ukraine still battling it out but looks to be on a much smaller scale.  Russia will become more interested in a global alliance with China and shift political attention to this objective going forward. They will capitalize on the west’s friction with China as an opportunity to move forward and have greater influence globally. As this proceeds, the war in Ukraine becomes a lower priority and economic burden for Russia. There is little objective for them to continue at this point. Putin reveals a health issue in the cards but looks much older in the image I see here, that could be a more long term future prediction.


There is a real struggle of back and forth about whether to open or close the nation regarding the zero corona policy. The wealthier people show that they favor a full reopening at this time and do not want to see 2023 fully restricted anymore. They will have some influence on the politics in China in the first quarter of 2023. The public shows a continuation of heavily protesting, I think we will see this in the news for at least another 2 or 3 weeks.

Travel Restrictions

At this time I’m not getting a strong feeling about travel restrictions. I have a sense that there may be little change or that the changes may involve the trend of removing restrictions vs implementing them overall globally. The airline industry, despite long lines and chaos at the airports has not recovered financially from the pandemic losses. Many world leaders are debating lifting more restrictions. We should see some result on this in about 2 months. Asia may be the region most affected by this.

Energy Restrictions

These are definitely going to start to become more common. There is an economic and environmental push to shift to zero emissions and this is a global movement. Personal residences, public buildings, and businesses will be affected. The reading shows the change will be difficult but rather fast.

Advice and Insight

Overall December looks like a calmer month than others I’ve seen for this year. Rest and recuperation is highlighted overall and if you focus on this you may be getting faster results or more progress than expected. A strong time astrologically as we prepare for 2023 and the changes that will come. Spiritual development is highlighted. Some female spiritual leaders will start to create a new movement and become more well known. Economic growth for the self employed and small businesses looks better as people try to support communities and their friends more economically. There may be some interesting, and visible,  astronomical events this month that have not been predicted by science.


November 2022 Global Predictions 🌎

A younger male leader in the Northern hemisphere resigns amidst a great scandal. I feel it could be Justin Trudeau. (This is the second time I’ve seen this for him in the cards.) The news of the scandal breaks with little warning for him. The affiliated political party will be in turmoil and unable to manage a good public relations strategy to navigate it. It may be an economic scandal.

Biden and mid terms

A female politician who left the party becomes extremely well known and successful due to her intuition on what the public is seeking overall at this time from the political sphere. I feel this may be Tulsi Gabbard. She may run for a higher office. Her ideas eclipse the far left and strike a cord with how many people feel at this time. She would be someone to watch regarding strategy and predictions for election outcomes. Economy is the number 1 issue for voters at this time. Inflation is the biggest problem. People will “vote with their wallets” in mind. Many females candidates look to do extremely well. Higher taxes and expensive program proposals will repel voters at this time. The next looming mortgage crisis is on the mind of many people as well. A group member question: “Who will take the Senate?” The cards feel Republicans will take the Senate, but the reading is a little strange; it reveals that the Democrats “can’t” and I’m not sure what they mean by that… It is possible there are too few votes, or, that moderates fare well and vote in favor of Republican policies once elected. It is a strange mix of cards. Biden shows frustration with the Senate results. The cards show he has great interest in a 2024 run for president but will have less support from the party. This may be one of the more interesting 2 year periods for American politics. The cards indicate long term policy changes that the public guides by their strong voter turnout and direction change in public opinion overall.


They indicate economic collapse coming due to the cost of the war in Ukraine. Could be before or early winter 2022. This will cause more ripples in the volatile global market. There is a lot of turmoil within higher levels of Russian politics right now. The cards say “Anyone who disagrees will be fired.”


More civil unrest. Protests through winter over economy, high prices, and a possible return to coronavirus restrictions. Prime Minister is frustrated.


Also showing economic problems and uprisings, and floods. “Great floods.” They will have to ultimately make a decision before the spring on whether to keep their “0 Covid” policy or their economy. The two can not coexist. Food or grain shortages are indicated for China going into winter.


Economy picks up and gets stronger. Religious revival/ spiritual growth increasing nationally. Great advances in consciousness this winter and spring. There will be interesting talks and speakers coming from India to a more globally known level soon.


A new “world/ galaxy” will be discovered either this month or winter. The ability to “see” further into space is coming.

Advice/ additional info

Strong cards for women and women’s health and healing modalities. There may be significant developments in women’s health care this month. They say “November 2022 is about forgiveness.” Forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting less, it means forgiving and moving forward without anger, grief, resentment, and unhealed wounds. Moving forward with strength, vitality, courage, and optimism. This November highlights the ability to heal oneself on an emotional level before the winter and new year begins. Many people will be feeling deep emotional changes or “changes of heart” this month.

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