November 2022 Global Predictions 🌎

A younger male leader in the Northern hemisphere resigns amidst a great scandal. I feel it could be Justin Trudeau. (This is the second time I’ve seen this for him in the cards.) The news of the scandal breaks with little warning for him. The affiliated political party will be in turmoil and unable to manage a good public relations strategy to navigate it. It may be an economic scandal.

Biden and mid terms

A female politician who left the party becomes extremely well known and successful due to her intuition on what the public is seeking overall at this time from the political sphere. I feel this may be Tulsi Gabbard. She may run for a higher office. Her ideas eclipse the far left and strike a cord with how many people feel at this time. She would be someone to watch regarding strategy and predictions for election outcomes. Economy is the number 1 issue for voters at this time. Inflation is the biggest problem. People will “vote with their wallets” in mind. Many females candidates look to do extremely well. Higher taxes and expensive program proposals will repel voters at this time. The next looming mortgage crisis is on the mind of many people as well. A group member question: “Who will take the Senate?” The cards feel Republicans will take the Senate, but the reading is a little strange; it reveals that the Democrats “can’t” and I’m not sure what they mean by that… It is possible there are too few votes, or, that moderates fare well and vote in favor of Republican policies once elected. It is a strange mix of cards. Biden shows frustration with the Senate results. The cards show he has great interest in a 2024 run for president but will have less support from the party. This may be one of the more interesting 2 year periods for American politics. The cards indicate long term policy changes that the public guides by their strong voter turnout and direction change in public opinion overall.


They indicate economic collapse coming due to the cost of the war in Ukraine. Could be before or early winter 2022. This will cause more ripples in the volatile global market. There is a lot of turmoil within higher levels of Russian politics right now. The cards say “Anyone who disagrees will be fired.”


More civil unrest. Protests through winter over economy, high prices, and a possible return to coronavirus restrictions. Prime Minister is frustrated.


Also showing economic problems and uprisings, and floods. “Great floods.” They will have to ultimately make a decision before the spring on whether to keep their “0 Covid” policy or their economy. The two can not coexist. Food or grain shortages are indicated for China going into winter.


Economy picks up and gets stronger. Religious revival/ spiritual growth increasing nationally. Great advances in consciousness this winter and spring. There will be interesting talks and speakers coming from India to a more globally known level soon.


A new “world/ galaxy” will be discovered either this month or winter. The ability to “see” further into space is coming.

Advice/ additional info

Strong cards for women and women’s health and healing modalities. There may be significant developments in women’s health care this month. They say “November 2022 is about forgiveness.” Forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting less, it means forgiving and moving forward without anger, grief, resentment, and unhealed wounds. Moving forward with strength, vitality, courage, and optimism. This November highlights the ability to heal oneself on an emotional level before the winter and new year begins. Many people will be feeling deep emotional changes or “changes of heart” this month.

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