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About Me

Hey There! I am Karin Marcello, the founder of Psychic Space.

I created this community as a positive place for all to grow spiritually, share views, and focus on our unique gifts and services.

I started doing global predictions in 2021 and wondered, what are other spiritual people thinking or feeling spiritually about the world at this time? I was curious about how each of us access the limitless spiritual world, full of information and energy. We all have a unique personal perspective and experience. I feel that humanity, the Earth, and all life forms can benefit from us sharing this information. This inspired me to create a social platform to share our predictions, ideas, and skills with one another.

I am a Psychic, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Classical Flutist, Channeler and Medium. I am a fourth generation psychic and musician. My work has been featured on the WE networks, and I have been interviewed by A & E, News 12 Long Island, Newsday, and several other newspapers and magazines. I have concerts, events, and spiritual workshops on Long Island as well as retreats locally and internationally. I continue my study of music, meditation, and healing.
I am available for private and corporate events, private appointments in person or by phone, Skype sessions, music lessons, guided meditation, readings and fundraisers.

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