Global Predictions December 2023 🌎

The war between Israel and Palestine gets worse before it gets better. A diplomatic pathway to peace is being discussed between many nations. A female leader who seems involved in the UN or other international body is trying to create the discussion for peace. I do not see a lot of change until towards new year.


Strong economic growth sees a short setback in early 2024 with a small change in interest rates. The economy is still sluggish. Shipping issues continue to pile up globally. Growth will occur in 2024, but slowly. A female candidate for the 2024 presidential race speaks a lot about bolstering the economy but the cards show that she would be a disaster for the middle class and financially only favor large corporations in the end. It could create another recession if she is elected. She appears to be a moderate in my cards. Winter looks unusually cold for many parts of mainland USA. Biden looks very frail and I’m not sure if he will be physically up to the demands of campaign travel for 2024. There will be a lot of people pushing him to run anyway.


Shows more protests. A decision from the leader triggers a strong public response. Seems to be an overnight change. A lot of economic and cultural tension is happening in France right now.

Sahara Desert

An interesting discovery or advanced civilization has their remains found or history revealed by some recent discoveries. There is a male leading the analyzing of this material that is able to confirm significant history about this region of the world. It will be a fascinating discovery. The reading shows me the use of light and energy, a civilization that would have widely used light as a power source.


A lot of destruction due to a natural disaster that creates a lot of flooding. China looks to have a lot of problems helping people with the recent virus. They do not have enough staff currently to handle the amount of patients. In the reading they do not look to be adding more either. At the moment, I do not see travel restrictions. Overall looks to be an upcoming year with a lot of tension in the region of Asia. Many countries not agreeing on important decisions and resolution taking a very long time. The cards mention weather crises again for this area.

South America

Paves the way for land conservation with an international decision in 2024 that protects many natural areas and resources. There is a harmonious balance between how the land can be used and preserved at the same time, or a new respect for the region’s boundary.


They will take an isolationist policy on something affecting the region. It could be related to the virus. They stand alone in isolating.

Space Exploration 

Takes the pace and energy of something like the gold rush. Many nations now scrambling to get their technology and people into the race to explore and benefit from what they may find. There is a very competitive energy around this topic.


3 of Cups and Justice come up as the cards of the month. They indicate celebration but a need to be ethical, cautious, and rational as well. Use your judgement wisely, with balance and ethics. Enjoy time with community, friends and family. The reading says this is also a powerful form of healing. Working with meteorite fragments is highlighted this month. They say interstellar communication is coming but “we will not understand it.” Try to link to the universal, interstellar energy to understand the other waves of energy, frequency, and communication that exists. Opening to understand other aspects of our reality is highlighted this month. This may help with psychic development, clear dreaming, astral travel and visions as well.

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