October Global Predictions 2023 🌎


“A fight beyond words, diplomatic error.” This makes me think of Ukraine, but also could be China. An older male in a position of power takes too much time on an important international decision or conflict. A sense of lacking resolution or perspective. It could be Biden. The uncertainty looks strong in early January through February 2024. Hunter Biden reveals himself to be in the news a lot this fall, seemingly unaware of more charges that may be brought against him. There is an issue with chemical imbalance or substance abuse by him that will be widely shared by the media this autumn. Some abundance after a tumultuous time for the US economy, but still inhcing along with interest rates and rising inflation affecting the market. Job market looks a bit “iffy” but OK, not terrible. A problem arises with student loan payments/repayments or laws regarding this topic. They show many people unable to pay their debts overall, mortgages, student loans, credit cards, etc. This trend gets worse as we get into this winter. A bitter battle will start within the democratic party about who should be the presidential nominee in 2024 with many saying that either a female politician or younger male should run instead of Biden. The issue will create negative press around the party, their ideals, and motives. There may be a blackout in a southern state due to a weather front being extremely cold. Communications will be affected, even possibly satellite activity.


Spain, A stromg drop in tourism and temperatures. Economic trouble for Europe this winter. Many businesses close due to inflation, and new regulations on food or finances. France, a male leader tries to improve the economy to some success. France allows more free trade or commerce of some kind, or incentives for tourists or foreigners to do some kind of work visa or elongated travel stays. Germany has an economic fall in one industry and then a quick recovery that could be a government bailout. An older female leader and younger male leader create the solution. There is a big rift within the EU about what to do regarding the war in Ukraine. Many leaders feel to pull out and end the war and others push to continue it past the holiday season this winter. It’s going to become even more expensive than before. I feel the USA will continue to finance it at least through the end of this winter.


Infertility rates rise globally. Western nations show stabilizing population numbers. October looks to be a very difficult month globally regarding mental health issues. The cards show me many people with extreme anxiety and possibly a change in society in the sense that people become much more reactive.

I see a very strange event where a group of people will be targeted between Asia and Europe but the instigator in this attack is somehow stopped suddenly. It may even be the fall politically of a certain group or party. The reading reveals something that looks like an attempted genocide. Other nations may intervene to prevent this.

We will receive interstellar communication and some strong solar storms this winter. Space travel increases. Astral travel will become easier for people as the solar energy continues to raise the energy of humanity in 2023 and early 2024.


China shows a blackout or malfunction of the energy grid. They do not show me weather as the reason. Taiwan will be in the news a lot this fall. Their political alignment may become more isolated. Tourism industry in Asia this winter is fairly slow.

South America

A coup or government uprising that is unexpected. A female leader or activist challenges an older male leader and the system crumbles under the conflict. Could be a falling out between two nations that have previously had a harmonious relationship. Extreme flooding is also shown for South America in a region with many rivers.


The star ⭐ is the Tarot Card of the month. It is a very significant energy of achieving our innermost dreams, goals, and heightening our spiritual awareness. A good period for creating goals, manifesting growth on all levels, and achieving results through isolated focus. Psychic dreams may be very profound or more frequent. October is typically a favorable month for manifestation. Many channelers and spiritual people always have said this about October. A good period also for creating a new structure. The star card does have a lot of water in the image so more astronomically aligned water events or flooding could occur. Rutilated quartz is the crystal of the month, drawing out negative energy from the positive we wish to create, making us aware of challenges and blockages but allowing us to go forward while preventing obstacles from stopping us in our tracks. Advanced spiritual work can happen easily at this time. This is also a great stone for psychic protection and projection.

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