Aura Protection

One of the most common questions I receive as a psychic and healers is:

“How can I protect my aura?”

The best way to do this is to be aware of your energy, know your energy well, be aware of when your energy is most sensitive, and know what modalities work best for you as an individual. We have many tools, mantras, actions, practices, and objects that can assist in protecting our energy but often spiritual people will notice that after becoming curious about many modalities, there will be some you feel more strongly attracted to use. We have different magnetic and auric energy so we may each resonate differently with the various solutions.

Crystals are one of the most fail safe methods to try first if you are new to spiritual work.

Reiki and other energetic healing work can clear your aura of negative energy, clear trauma, help heal the past, and clear present, and parallel energy as well. This can be useful because you can send Reiki to future events or relationships where you are aware that your energy may feel stressed or pressured.

If you feel negative energy in your home, using sage is a great solution to quickly clear the energy.

For people who cause stress and difficulty, we learn to deal with this with practice and in time. Being too protected can keep your energy closed, but being too open can allow negative energy to enter you aura and space. Many spiritual teachers will have you create a strong energic boundary for yourself but if it is too strong and closed you will not pick up on other energies around you and also not be prepared to handle negative energy when it does enter. We want to remain in touch with our energy but at the same time, not thrown off our center negatively by others. The outer edge of your aura should be open enough to read and be aware of the energy you are dealing with so that you can apply the best response possible.

In meditation, if you focus on being aware of the edge of your aura, you can practice expansion and contraction of the aura. This leads you to be able to shrink your aura, keep your energy focused and close when you need to be aware,ย  but also sense what is happening. You can let the energy of the other person fall off of the edge of your aura or visualize it staying outside of your energy in order to keep your center. This practice should be done after having a good sense of what and where you aura is through previous meditations. This should be done regularly for weeks or months until it becomes almost automatic for you.

If you are a healer, you may want to focus the energy strongly on your hands. Be able to connect with but not absorb the energy of the person you are working on. Raise your vibration prior to entering your healing in order to help you with this. Wash your hands after the healing and visualize any negative energy literally washing away and going back into the flow of the universe where it can become helpful.

If you are using visualization, visualize your aura entering and leaving difficult situations with your center intact. Recreate past events with better outcomes in your meditation, create better parallel energetic memories of them, and send energy to your future as well.

People treat us based on how they feel and not how we are. People take action based on themselves, don’t take everything personally. Be aware that not everyone is on the same level or path spiritually. Many people may not understand your spiritual path, but you will be able to understand that they are not as knowledgeable as you. If you feel you are the more spiritually aware person in a situation, try your best to be centered and create a positive outcome for yourself and others. At times this may not be possible, and you may have to process healing the situation later, or removing yourself from the negative energy source. Use your intuition and do what you feel is best.

December 2022 Global Predictions ๐ŸŒŽ


“A stalling and difficult economy, potential crashes. ” After what seems to be a calmer period for the market,ย  there are some upsets to the stability early new year and into the spring. Many people will hesitate on spending overall for the next 6 months. There is a lack of strong leadership related to the economy and how to proceed on a federal level, possibly disagreement about the best way to move forward. Biden will try to take a backseat to these issues regarding the press and their questions. A period where the White House will not want to comment strongly on these topics. A crisis with migration will come this spring although I’m not sure if it is due to the sheer volume of people waiting to enter or an environmental disaster or storm that affects the safety of people near the border. It seems health conditions overall will improve regarding immigrants and their health care, but not until after the spring, and this relates to changes regarding documented immigrants.


I see people really freaking out about a labor shortage and/or worker conditions. The economy will struggle going into this spring. Resources will be limited but I’m not sure if this is due to government regulations or lack of resources, could be a combination. You will see protests in the news about it this winter. The season also looks to be very cold.


Russia and Ukraine still battling it out but looks to be on a much smaller scale.ย  Russia will become more interested in a global alliance with China and shift political attention to this objective going forward. They will capitalize on the west’s friction with China as an opportunity to move forward and have greater influence globally. As this proceeds, the war in Ukraine becomes a lower priority and economic burden for Russia. There is little objective for them to continue at this point. Putin reveals a health issue in the cards but looks much older in the image I see here, that could be a more long term future prediction.


There is a real struggle of back and forth about whether to open or close the nation regarding the zero corona policy. The wealthier people show that they favor a full reopening at this time and do not want to see 2023 fully restricted anymore. They will have some influence on the politics in China in the first quarter of 2023. The public shows a continuation of heavily protesting, I think we will see this in the news for at least another 2 or 3 weeks.

Travel Restrictions

At this time I’m not getting a strong feeling about travel restrictions. I have a sense that there may be little change or that the changes may involve the trend of removing restrictions vs implementing them overall globally. The airline industry, despite long lines and chaos at the airports has not recovered financially from the pandemic losses. Many world leaders are debating lifting more restrictions. We should see some result on this in about 2 months. Asia may be the region most affected by this.

Energy Restrictions

These are definitely going to start to become more common. There is an economic and environmental push to shift to zero emissions and this is a global movement. Personal residences, public buildings, and businesses will be affected. The reading shows the change will be difficult but rather fast.

Advice and Insight

Overall December looks like a calmer month than others I’ve seen for this year. Rest and recuperation is highlighted overall and if you focus on this you may be getting faster results or more progress than expected. A strong time astrologically as we prepare for 2023 and the changes that will come. Spiritual development is highlighted. Some female spiritual leaders will start to create a new movement and become more well known. Economic growth for the self employed and small businesses looks better as people try to support communities and their friends more economically. There may be some interesting, and visible,ย  astronomical events this month that have not been predicted by science.


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