September 2023 Global Predictions ๐ŸŒŽ


Economic turmoil and flooding. It looks like flooding in an area that was previously dry. The fires in Maui show up in the past position and show a great effort in recovery. A fairly young male who has been relatively quiet could become a candidate for the 2024 presidency. He is not in the news a lot. Ironically, they do not show me his party affiliation, I feel this means he has a very moderate stance. The reading doesn’t show me strong opinions of his in any direction. He could be an ideal choice for a vice presidential candidacy. They show Biden trying to eliminate some form of debt or strain on the economy but facing pushback from lenders. Mortgage rates do not fall as much as hoped for this fall. Early winter could be better, but they will head lower. A very large, ethical issue arrives to the Supreme Court but to much dismay the case is thrown out or back to the lower courts. The travel industry is affected by either strikes or layoffs. I see the reading shows near the holiday season the travel industry has a lot of people moving around but not enough staff in place. There is a general fear over corona coming back, or the travelers being nervous to travel for fear of restrictions coming back. This doesn’t limit many people in the end.


They show rioting, again, I believe over gas prices this fall or winter. This will greatly impact people traveling and the government’s plans.


Will invest significantly in some form of space travel. Russia initiates peace talks with Europe instead of USA regarding Ukraine. The leader of Ukraine may fall from power.


Flooding will be severe. This may be in China. Economic growth in an area with islands. Could be due to an investment by USA. Crypto market faces severe upheaval in Asia due to new regulations. Tourism sector here recuperating more than last year.


They show me an image of severe poverty. Areas of lawlessness leaders in conflict. Very little help or intervention from western nations.


Programs for tax relief for retired people will increase worldwide as as nations realize this is an opportunity for stability and growth. There may be some relaxation to EU rules going forward as well regarding visits or duration of stay.


Ace of pentacles is the card of the month. It suggests that we take time for material growth, planting the physical seeds of our ideas, plans, and gardening. “Use the creative energy of the Earth.” Good weather is forecasted for many areas regarding more sun this autumn in areas that normally get a fair amount of rain.ย  A favorable time for air travel. Healing with light, color therapy, or white light meditations should be extra potent at this time. Garnet comes through as the crystal of the month generating more vitality, good health, physical protection to traveling at night, and heightened creativity. Overall, a powerful month for creative endeavors, and a particularly good month for artists.

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