July 2024 Global Predictions ๐ŸŒŽ

I see a worsening situation between Israel and Palestine, more conflict in the Middle East. The cards say it will take a very long time to stabilize anything in this region.

USAย  shows a crisis or large conflict regarding education closer to the election this fall. There is not as much economic growth as forecasted. There is a sense of things moving very slowly in the financial world. The real estate market may hold prices somewhat steady going into this fall. I see much more of a buyer’s market than in recent years. For many people this will be a good time to make a move, or buy an investment property. I feel the Saturn retrograde is having an impact on this, as people may feel a bit cloudy regarding long term goals before making big decisions like selling a home or moving. That hesitation will hold back many people who will reevaluate other life changes at this time. If you know exactly what you want long term, this summer is an excellent time to move forward. There is a lot of indecision going into this fall regarding the political world. It is ironic for an election year that things seem to be at a standstill.

The travel industry shows some disruption later this fall and this is the second time I’ve seen this recently in global predictions. It looks like a big event or shift will affect routes and prices will go up a lot.

I see fires or an area with a lot of destruction in India this summer. I did not feel sure of the location on the first read, had to double check, and the cards confirmed they feel that is the location.

I see something in Japan where people are rushing from one area to another for some kind of evacuation, it looks like a natural(or unnatural) disaster of some kind. It centers around the environment or land not being safe.

France shows a female leader coming to the forefront again. She will lead a focus on a cultural shift but find many obstacles. She has the potential to bring great prosperity to France but it will be very difficult for her to achieve this.ย  There will be significant financial improvement for the French economy under her reign. In something unrelated,ย  I see protests in France this summer that become dangerous and very disruptive. They may be more in the north of France.

South America shows economic improvement overall from now through the new year. There are still some countries that will not adapt and have difficulty but the majority will have growth and a better job market going forward.

I see Russia leaving Ukraine.

I still feel an overwhelming sense of more earthquakesย for 2024.

Africa shows the worst situation of famine and economic struggle in recent history. The international community will have to intervene to help.

The crystal of the month isย Ruby which inspires us to be grounded,ย  courageous, and connected to the sun. The Tarot Card of the month is Ace of Wands. It is a strong time for beginnings. Great energy for having good luck and success in business and in love. For artists, a highly creative time. For some who feel stuck in a pattern, this energy will help you break it and go forward with positive momentum.

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  1. Thanks Karin! I love reading this each month!

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