Global predictions are here!

Global Predictions January 2022″USA and the World”


A younger male politician will face unexpected criminal charges, maybe election fraud.

A young male contender for the presidential race in 2024 emerges. He would be a unique president, reminds me of the energy of JFK. Difficulty with sea travel.

(I hope this is not more supply chain issues..)

They show many storms with water, rough seas. Economy recouperates more in summer.

Many celebrations and events in the summer of 2022 will not be canceled.

Schools USA

A continued push for remote schooling “in some regions.” Transportation to schools looks to be changing with the cards showing me more parents needing to drive their children to school vs have a school bus service. Next year, 2023, shows more drastic changes to education and curriculum. New head of dept of education federally.

A female political figure, a fairly young head of state, leaves her position, not sure this is USA,

it may be New Zealand.


Big problems in Belgium, civil unrest, riots. Protests over lack of medical freedom. Fate/ destiny of the universe and human race steps in to resolve this situation. A large event or change will quickly resolve it. Tumultuous until that point.


Economy suffers more than projected for 2022, restrictions remain and damper growth. The situation is stable but not positive. Change of government leadership later this fall.


Enormous civil unrest. “The issues in Europe centralize here,” the cards say it is in this region that the major battles for rights and freedoms will be fought. This relates to unions, workers, economic conditions and human rights.


Summer touristic outlook looks good, population is decreasing. Infertility rises.


A happy agreement. There will be a successful negotiation or accord between many nations and Russia. Sanctions are lifted at this time. A new global era of more peaceful relations with Russia will come. China is an influencer of this, as well as the western nations. Russian economy grows stronger globally. I think military conflict can be avoided through the negotiators I see here *as long as all nations continue to communicate closely and frequently.*


Not happy with the west. Relations with Europe start to deteriorate. Their economy suffers drastically and they go back to being fairly isolationist regarding their policy with western nations. Also, poor relations with Russia and European diplomatic efforts fail.

Natural Events or Disasters

More tornadoes, they say, in the region between Texas and Kentucky. Asia, heavy monsoons. Japan has a successful method to handle a natural disaster that other areas will start to copy this year.

Severe drought in Africa and possibly the Middle East first half of this year.


Through September a powerful energy of manifesting. Motherhood energy very strong, women will organize more and have a big impact on the earth and direction of society at this time regarding cultural changes and issues. Travel will start to recouperate a little bit, but very slowly. A good time to travel January through September. “A lot of protective energy is being directed at humanity at this time to preserve our inherent attributes.” A good period of time to increase, not decrease or halt activities. Sustained growth is a powerful trend through September 2022.

Market crumbles but quickly regroups this year.

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