November 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


The cards wanted to open with the connection between these two nations and says they are “inextricably linked.” The horrific vision I had in October’s predictions is what I believe to be the current war. The cards show me the loss of lives of children and the targeting of children in the present still going on. For me personally, it is very hard to look at this topic due to how extreme and violent it is in my psychic eye, but I share here for those who have asked. The reading shows explosions of some sort, many in the past and some in the present and future. I do not see a strong improvement towards peace until near April. The reading does suggest a strong international cease fire effort so that civilians are no longer targeted. I believe this will be through a larger organization like the UN or a group of nations not directly involved. I do feel a new map will be drawn, or there will be some change in land use or a border in the resolution of the conflict. I believe safe zones for citizens should become a reality in the region by New Year’s time.


Economy “falters” this winter. A crash is mildly averted. Housing market takes a hit. Wages cease to rise with inflation, for now. A female contending for the 2024 presidential race is announced. Economic stability closer to summer, but not a lot of growth. Biden considering to pull out of the 2024 race. If he does,  another male and female political match will run on the democratic ticket. A lot of conflict is around this decision. Bad press around Hunter Biden continues. The border will be overrun with more immigration than it can handle. There may be a temporary closure.


Shows a widening of the wealth gap, with most of the population falling into a recession and the extreme end of those with wealth becoming very wealthy. It will be a slower, longer recession than usual. Shortages of certain foods and products are indicated, and possibly fuel.


More earthquakes. Extreme weather. A bailout or international effort financially will help them.


An awakening of humanity, of sorts. The emergence of awareness, spiritual growth, ability to change the world in large numbers of people for a common, peaceful purpose. There will be a significant male teacher involved in leading this movement. He will be seen as a prophet in his culture.


Will face a large ethical question that could shake their identity as a nation. They will have to take a stand on a very large issue. Their leader is conflicted but will go with the “historic path and precedent.” Tradition will trump the desire for change, and the identity of their nation will remain similar for the near future.


Earthquake or large storm.


A situation regarding spies or a form of spying is uncovered or leaked. It may create a rift with USA.

South America

Shows a large amount of rainfall this winter,  and the preservation of an incredibly large region of the Amazon thanks to a western individual from outside the region who is able to bring nations together for a formal agreement. It will be his legacy to do this for the world.


The Queen of Swords is the card of the month. The energy of this card tells us to be decisive, intelligent, weigh all options, and focus. She helps us create a clear idea, path and outcome. The energy of this card is decisive and free from confusion. Be cautious not to be too blunt or severe in your reactions to others this month as this card does not tend to be the most charming and diplomatic of the deck. Tiger’s eye is the crystal of the month. This stone is protective and helps us with courage. I see it as a protective energy going towards affected regions of the world that need protection now. The advice is to stay calm and centered. This November offers a strong sense of clear thinking and some helpful solar energy that is not as disruptive as what we have experienced this summer and autumn so far.

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    Thank you Karin! I love reading these.

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