June 2022 Global Predictions


A looming crisis in health care as infertility rates start to rise again. Also, the cards show understaffed facilities but do not show me the reasons for this. It could be due to lack of hiring enough staff and not due to an overload of patients. The situation lowers the standard of health care due to longer waits. The facilities have funding but are holding back spending on staffing generally. This seems to be a nationwide trend in healthcare. New drugs proved to be dangerous will be revealed in the media this fall. This month there will be an uptick in problems or research based results that lead to this issue going public later this year. The results may be currently visible in medical journals this month. A grain crisis/poor crop year coming to USA due to flooding. I see terrible storms over the midwestern states before winter. Biden will try to keep a low profile this summer in the media with anything related to Russia, in order to avoid direct conflict. He shows a doctor recommending a surgery although they do not show me what part of the body needs an operation. It may even be a simple procedure.  He looks incredibly tired and overwhelmed. The conflict with Russia has the entire administration very concerned and stressed. Something about it is not going in a predictable way for them. There is not a strong consensus on a unified approach or policy at this time.

France shows their next leader will be a female.

China showing a water crisis of some kind.  Environmental but affecting drinking water. Could be 2 different things that I’m seeing but it will be significant enough to arrive in the news. Their leader is strong and fears no one globally. Economy starts to grow more.

Costa Rica economic recovery and a huge touristic boom. A curative plant or natural remedy from there emerges that becomes widely used. Could be related to corona.

Russia and Ukraine war has both leaders standing firm in their positions but no compromise. European leaders will intervene to form a bridge of more successful communication. There is a shift to more talks and readiness to end the conflict but it will be due to nations outside the conflict pressuring them to find a compromise. Neither country wants to compromise anything. It will be a very hard negotiation. I think Merkel or someone with a strong role in Europe will be the key negotiator in the end. There are problems with supplies and people getting things they need in these areas even through later this year. A peace treaty will be signed.

The Amazon rainforest will be facing more deforestation but there will be a successful negotiation by an international agency or group that will block this from going forward. This should hit the news, it is a very large area of land that will become protected going forward. The help of these people from outside this area is critical to it becoming a permanent decision and protecting the lands.

Society is afraid of another pandemic or lockdown and economic shutdown. There looks to be a brief period this fall where this becomes a more possible reality but I see it being very short term.  Economic progress is pushing the outcome away from this possibly. The energy of growth and people moving around is very strong. It will impact the outcome.

Advice is to stay the course. The energy of June is very hectic this year. Focus on social connections, details, and any legal matters that need to be resolved.  The element of metal is strong. The month will not have a very grounded energy to it. There may be an interesting meteorite or comet event.

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