October 2022 Global Predictions 🌎


The death rate is higher than other years. Medical system is strained. A worker shortage in hospitals is coming. A wife of a prominent male connected with a political family files for divorce from her husband. Travel opens up again and the airlines are not prepared for heavy passenger traffic. Expect very busy airports and long waits if you are traveling late fall/ early winter this year.


Shows a major economic setback but strikes a deal with either a bank or something related to a large utilities company or gas. The deal is successful for them and they are able to keep prices from skyrocketing too much. The cards indicate peaceful relations with other nations at this time.

There is a new trade deal brewing between Asia and Europe but the deal is not successful for Asian nations and they look to resist signing on to it.

A high amount of people looking to move country at this time that seems related to the remote work trend. This looks to be a long term aspect of an economic shift in how people work and where. It will continue for some years in the future and will become a normality. Countries are rushing to create work visa options for these travelers.


Nord Stream Pipeline

The explosion was planned “years in advance.” There are 2 western nations involved in this, one with a male leader another with a female. I see Canada around this question as well. This was a long term plan to shift policy, energy, and economy the reading says.

United Arab Emirates

A change in their leadership brings them to a higher level globally related to economy. They show a strong economic presence globally going forward. More equality and progress for women’s rights as well


The cards are a mess. It looks almost as if the war could plunge them into economic crisis, default, a crisis of currency.  Poverty will dramatically increase for the people there. Medical access becomes more limited or strained. There is internal disagreement about whether or not to continue the war and they have counsel advising them to stop at this time.


More economical stability and growth for this winter. Stabilization.

The normalization of space travel is coming.

New breakthroughs that become public about the nature of time and space. The ability of time and space to be warped, manipulated, and impacted by observation takes on a higher prominence in research globally. “The earth is alive and always shifting.” How little we understand this will become more obvious in light of a recent discovery.

Advice and Extra Insight

A good time to work on relationships. The energy for shifting and resetting patterns is favorable at this time. The ability to see the spirit world is very high right now. Women’s rights or access to good quality health care globally will increase. A good time for manifestation. A growing problem with mothers feeling isolated as society moves to be more digital and less involved with community. Some people will be actively aware of this and creating ways to form stronger community bonds once again.

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