May 2024 Global Predictions

Princess of Wands jumped out of the deck! An important card regarding communication. There may be some significant global communications, agreements, treaties, or alliances made this month. Four of pentacles jumps out just after, a sign of more stability, limited financial growth, and economic predictability.


6 of wands jumps out.ย  A tricky situation for leadership,ย  a path forward which requires a lot of analysis and strategy. I see more disasters with water closer to autumn near the election. It may be a very rough hurricane season or time of extreme weather particularly this autumn. It will be enough to have a big impact on the economy.ย  Air travel also shows a lot of cancellations or limitations later this year. A lot more federal money will be spent on education but the cards show no real impact academically from the extra spending. It may be for a new administrative department or funding for federal programs that go to the state.ย  There is more significant news with Hunter Biden and it looks like a health problem that may be severe. It may come as a shock to his family. There will be a lot more inflation this summer. I see lower enrollment for schools but not sure if this is public schools or universities, at first glance it looks like universities but then they say maybe public schools as well. There will be a large court victory in favor of women’s rights regarding health. It may be something insurance companies will be required to offer in plans for women.


Some economic problems seem to arise this summer or debt can not be resolved and paid off. It looks like a larger country is struggling, possibly France or Germany. A female leader, maybe a member of the EU, will try to send funding or create economic opportunities to countries in Asia. They are seeking to create a more predictable, stable economy. Growth is limited. I feel like I see more riots in France from summer through autumn. It will impact travel. It may be related to global events.


Again I’m seeing more earthquake activity globally. I feel like I see extreme damage to a city in Asia with multi level buildings crumbling. The area is not very wealthy. They don’t show me the country but it may be near a coast or river because I see a large amount of moving water passing nearby.

A desert area of the world gets completely rebuilt and has a modern town plan or all new structures. It will be an enormous building project.


I see a lot of conflict between countries later this year in terms of who “controls space.” I think USA and China will have a large issue brewing on this that becomes more public this autumn. The cards say the race for control will become more aggressive. In the long run, there will be some international agreement or treaty on this topic but for now it is still very unclear.


Will soon allow people to purchase products that help them with lucid dreaming,ย  or to influence their dreams. In the cards this technology looks somewhat perfected. A card jumped out signifying lack of honesty, so there may be something about these products that is not honest, safe,ย  or something not disclosed to the customers. My advice, use them with caution if you do!

There is a wavering energy coming through regarding health or a “next pandemic” that shows a lot of back and forth. The reading seems to feel it can remain under control but health care systems look fragile and understaffed. Unfortunately this trend of lack of staff will increase globally.

The Tarot card of the month is the 9 of pentacles. This is a great card for abundance and enjoying your abundance. Do not overdo it. Take time to look at what you’ve created. A good time for growth and gaining more expertise on all levels. It is also a nice card for having more physical energy.ย  Stone of the month is amber. Absorbing negativity and protecting oneself in a gentle way are themes of amber.

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