Pyramid Healing Channeled Meditation

This channeled meditation came to me last week when working with a client focusing on healing. The mediation should be done with a flow of Reiki if possible, starting right at the beginning of the session. The Reiki flow can be achieved in person, remote, or through self Reiki for this meditation.

Be comfortably seated or lying down for this mediation.ย  Take some deep breaths to feel centered in your body. Visualize yourself looking up at the solar light which looks like the sun. The solar light is spiritual energy and sunlight.

*As this meditation was channeled to me, the image and meaning of the light is two fold. I can only describe it as a combination of spiritual and physical light, like 2 different suns one over the other, in 2 different dimensions yet still looks like 1 sun. This multi layered/ multi dimensional vision is common for me to see in my channeled visions.

See the solar light over a pyramid, shining down onto the tip of the pyramid and illuminating the entire structure. The color of the sunlight may change as it hits the tip of the pyramid. Be open to whatever color it picks and use that color to illuminate the entire structure of the pyramid. Experience this image for a moment.

Now see yourself inside the pyramid lying on a healing bed. This healing bed also illuminated with the color of the solar light when it touched the pyramid. Then see yourself filled with the same color as well. Stay with the same color and work with it through this portion of the healing session, letting it move through it body and aura, sending it to wherever it needs to go. Let it go to any areas of pain or discomfort. See the light moving through you in small swirling circles. Take time to breathe and send the light to any areas that need extra healing. Notice if your body feels differently, if energy feels like it is moving, and if you feel a temperature change. The healing bed may create a feeling of warmth for the body as you activate healing energy. Guides, deities, angels, and any other spiritual energy you connect with are welcome at this time to send you healing energies. If you do not feel called to invite them, that is OK just continue. If you do invite them spend some time allowing them to do their portion of the healing while you focus on receiving energy.

Set the intention that your body continue this healing as you flow back to an image of yourself sitting in front of the pyramid with the solar light above the pyramid in the sky. Bring your energy back to the psychical plane and focus on your body. Complete the Reiki portion of the healing and remain in meditation for a little longer. Come back and open your eyes when you feel ready.

If you practice this meditation, please comment below how you felt, and if you’d like a more extended version. I have been doing this series with many people lately, using some variations once inside the pyramid.

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