February 2024 Global Predictions 🌎


After many predictions of flooding, this time I see a much more dry weather period for USA. A female figure for vice president looks to emerge strongly, she has strong opinions but will be viewed as a moderate.Β  Some more debt relief is coming for students but the job market doesn’t pick up as much as expected. 2024 will be worse than predicted for the job market. Real estate prices look to lower a bit and may be a more affordable time to move. Interest rates may vary slightly this year.



The cards predict a female leader who looks fairly young. The economy looks to stabilize a little bit. I see less tourism for this summer for Europe vs last.


Shows a very difficult economic time due to a country that has mismanaged money. There will be improvement but not until much later this year. It looks like a large amount of money was stolen.


I see a country with a lot of flooding at a busy time for their touristic season. It may be China.


A large amount of the continent shows they get cut off from a lot of basic medical care.Β  I’m not sure if this is due to a natural disaster or other event but it looks like an earthquake in the cards.


The global economy takes a large setback with shipping problems, lack of supplies, and items not moving around the globe well overall. It looks like a large problem with sea travel related to this. It seems it will last about 3 months long.


There is more military conflict coming to the middle east according to the reading. One country looks to initiate a new invasion. They may bring in a lot of ground troops in order to do so. Something significant is coming up related to world peace to be signed in May of this year and I think it may have to do with the war in Israel because it came up right after I looked at the middle east. I think it will be an international agreement with many nations involved.


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