Global Predictions January 2024 ๐ŸŒŽ


A large weather event involving water, overwhelming flooding. The winter for continental USA looks to be very humid in most areas.ย  The economy does not bounce back as much as hoped but the work force will start moving much more. We will see a fair amount of new jobs created for the first quarter, and many people who have been out of work a long time will find secure jobs.ย  The real estate market looks sluggish. An astrological event in January will shift the balance of things. The energy will shift to a more creative and feminine energy. There will be some significant new inventions. The presidential race is still giving me a very weird energy, too much is “undecided.” A strong female contender shows progress but it will be thwarted by a deceptive male, possibly someone in her own party trying to advance their campaign.


Shows an area of unusual drought. Problems getting water to the affected area. China shows slim economic progress, more losses expected for 2024. There is a significant slowing or stalling of the economy in most of Asia this year. I see a lot of instability in the balance of power between nations in Asia.ย  A sense that the geography of the area will change. Limitations to tourism are mentioned by the cards as well, although they do not reveal the reason for it. A large nation seems to exceed their debt limit creating severe consequences.


A lot of issues within the banking sector. I feel like a very large bank may crumble due to severe corruption or lack of oversight. I think this event is closer to June. The economy overall looks more stable later in the year. Things will pick up, but not as much as many people had hoped regarding the market.

I still see a lot of conflict regarding the war in Israel and Palestine. Unfortunately I do not see any good news in the cards on this at this time.


Reveals economic recession and one country having trouble paying back their debt. It looks like one of the coastal nations on the Mediterranean. The issue will create friction in the EU. Tourism for 2024 is not as good as anticipated. Overall, I see a lot less people traveling in 2024. A conflict between the leader of France and the EU gets bigger.


Shows unexpected economic growth and more power in the Asian region overall.

South America

Grows economically more than expected as well, with one nation influencing the others with policies that inspire economic movement and growth. The growth is stable and long lasting.


Conflict around a digital currency being introduced. It will either happen later than expected and be problematic or not occur due to difficulties. I see the unexpected fall of a large crypto currency, losing most of its value overnight in the early part of 2024.


January looks to be quite unstable energetically. A lot of electromagnetic events on the Earth will occur within a short time like solar flares and earthquakes. A good time to focus on health, grounding, and preparing for the unexpected. There could be a lot of natural disasters. Ace of cups is the card of the month, highlighting healing, emotional receptivity, love, and acceptance. The element of the month is steel. Stay strong, and build a strong foundation. Steel can be used to create large structures but thinking and planning ahead is essential.

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4 thoughts on “Global Predictions January 2024 ๐ŸŒŽ”

  1. Justine says:

    Thank you for your continued insights Karen – Justine from way long ago at Katieโ€™s
    Always love your updates!

    1. Thank you!!! Hope you are well!

  2. Katie Hall avatar Katie Hall says:

    loving the new jobs in the market for the US!

    1. Yes it was good to see!

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