June 2023 Global Predictions 🌎


“A costly war.” The cards describe the situation of aiding the Ukrainian war as a financial decision that leaves the USA in a bad position for upcoming domestic issues which will be much more expensive than originally anticipated. The economy will bear the brunt of the burden of this. Inflation will continue to rise. Interest rates may not drop as much as originally anticipated. Biden continues to reveal an unstable health condition at public events. Biden looks to run for reelection. Weather events look very unstable for the USA this summer. A younger male leader looks to be popular choice for president although I feel he is not in the upcoming election, but the next one. His fame spreads rapidly and without much effort on his part. I do not think he anticipated the opportunity to run for president. In the cards he looks very surprised to have the choice.


“A continental shift.” By this I’m not sure if it is physical or metaphorical…. but it will affect more than 1 country in Europe. My feeling is that it could be an earthquake in Italy or near the Mediterranean region. Economy will suffer and a housing crisis is emerging. A female leader in the EU tries to create a coordinated response to the economic situation but she is unsuccessful.


They show me drastic weather events or changes in Africa. Touristic travel increases to this region overall. Leaders are looking to avoid a topic that could create great rifts between them. A large meeting or decision between countries seems to be put off for this reason.


Seems to be one of few places where the economy will improve. They show a change of currency, or resolution of a debt that instigates this change. A female leader involved is credited with the success.


Areas of Antarctica open to the public. There will be a plan to open more of this area to the public over time. They show me dramatic weather events in this area of the world this summer as well.

Middle East

Shows a large conflict brewing that will create massive amounts of migration to Europe in the next 2 to 3 years. A somewhat unexpected war with one nation acting very quickly to attack another. The global community, however, does not get as heavily involved as it did in the past. To me this is laying the groundwork for a much larger war or conflict between nations. Eventually, other nations will not be able to remain silent and neutral due to the brutal conditions of the attack.

Overall, I see so many wind and weather events. I think it will be a difficult year regarding storms.

Questions from the group

Economy, Work force- people in tech and not, and AI

The economy was revealed in the prior section. For AI, the cards say ” it will come to an ethical standstill.” All involved are aware it can destroy humanity and life around it. There may be other uses for it that do not involve self operating or mobile forms that continue to develop more heavily. I feel we are at a roadblock with this. It may be an area that starts to “stall” on its development.

Work force will “balance out.” The cards say “not everyone has to be involved with technology. ” I feel the two options go forward without too much of a shift for now. There seems to be some stabilization regarding this question, like there was a lot of growth or a jump recently and now things will stabilize in their new, current balance.


“June is a month of celebrations.” This month’s focus from the cards is on intellect and intellectual pursuits, karma and harmoniously balancing karma, soul contracts and fulfilling your higher purpose,Β  ancient wisdom and awareness of what gifts have been passed down to you. A great month to focus on your higher calling and remove and mental obstacles in your path, or negative thought patterns. Tarot Card of the month is the Ace of Swords, and the crystal of the month is the diamond.Β  πŸ’Ž

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