March 2023 ๐ŸŒŽ Global Predictions


There will be another large election scandal centered around a female candidate in the not too distant future. Documents are not valid or falsified somehow. There is a slowing of progress and a sense of another upcoming labor shortage because inflation doesn’t impact salary increases. This will cause the recession to last longer and the economy to move more slowly compared to its regular activity. I see a lot of technological advancements especially in government. Some of these are ready to be rolled out to the public. New biometric or other security features will start to be used for many government buildings and locations by the end of the year. Air pollution looks extremely high for March 2023.


Shows a conflict with USA on a large international matter. May be about Russia. A disagreement between the 2 leaders creates a lack of a coordinated discussion. The rift will reach the news. USA will want to retreat from involvement in the conflict with Russia after having been heavily involved for some time, leaving France and Europe in a difficult diplomatic position.


An upcoming and unexpected military conflict arises in Africa. They don’t show me if this is between countries there or a country outside Africa that enters. There is an overwhelming sense of an invasion, uprising, or large shift of power that will occur. The leader of the nation affected is caught off guard. More flooding for Africa as well.

Europe and the UK

Problems with Brexit somehow create administrative problems for people this year. Could be new travel regulations or policies. Some of the policies implemented could change quickly as they are not functioning well or as intended. Economic factors will drive this change forward. A tense energy around this issue is shown.


They say “the big one. ” (I’m not quite sure what they mean by that!) Economic success and moving forward after corona, although the economy in the world’s eye regarding opportunities has been permanently affected. Investors will be more hesitant regarding China and other areas of Asia may receive more business now. They are reaching a more stable point economically, finally, but may have one more big hiccup this year late spring or early summer near June.


The cards say they don’t want to end the conflict in Ukraine even though they know they are losing. It may be related to pride as a nation that they do not want to look weak. The war is now extremely costly for them. Many operations have been scaled back. I see less troops. A growing concern between relations with China is starting. People are trying to move cash and assets out of Russia. Their economy going forward does not look good.


“A year of extreme weather.” A lot of electromagnetic energy shifting on the earth. Temperatures in many areas do not “stay stable.” Seasons everywhere may have unusual temperature fluctuations. Storms, solar storms, and electromagnetic activity are behind the cause. They highlight Asia again and something very significant with lightning coming up soon. A good year to keep extra water on hand in case of blackouts .

There were no questions from the group this month so I have extended advice for March.


Love relationshipsย are highlighted this month as a time to resolve conflict and create unity or arrive at decisions with less stress. The astrology supports a better understanding of one another and a time of productive conversations. If you have been waiting to have a big talk with a partner that you fear could be difficult, this month has a very supportive and peaceful energy for harmony and conflict resolution. Travel is also fairly fluid this month.

Spiritual activities like astral travel and lucid dreaming are strong this month. I have extremely strong cards revealing that psychic dreams will overall become much more common for many individuals. It is a time that people will shift into higher consciousness more rapidly. Animals as well will show signs of more intuitive connections. Mother earth wants us to grow more now. A good month for plants or planting things as the energy of the root connections is very strong, also for working with ancestor energy or connecting to your roots and ancestral lines spiritually. These activities will have a higher energy this month.

The high priestessย is our Tarot Card of the month and expresses the need to learn, focus, see clearly, and have higher awareness. Nurturing and refining our skills and abilities is a good focus now. Also connecting with nature and sending healing energy to the earth will a have stronger impact globally now. Crystal of the month is carnelian, encouraging us to focus again on our roots, grounding,ย  first Chakra energy and healing, health, self-esteem, stability, overcoming obstacles, and healing issues related to bones, circulation, depression, and better vitamin and mineral absortion.


Economic collapse coming to a western nation. The banking crisis increases. Biden may resign, decide not to run again, or have a health failing which prevents him from carrying out his role as president. They describe it as a large disruption politically. Relationship stress is high in mid March through April. An earthquake in a fairly westernized nation but the reading seems to feel this may be in the middle east or Africa. Questions from the group: Will there be government accountability? The cards say “not really!” But there will be a loss of influence or control for those with poor intentions. An increase in more ethical people going into government roles. This is a very strong feeling in the dynamic of this question. It may be part of the global awakening. Flooding in Asia, Africa, and California again. Turkey not recovering well from recent events. It may take many years for them to recover fully. The digital currency is coming but complicated by whether or not it should be only one account per person or per household. It will aim to be per household and become less popular as an idea once this form is presented to the public.

Take care and be well ๐Ÿ™

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