Growing Your Spiritual Practice

The number one question I hear from clients starting out on their spiritual journey is “How can I learn to become more intuitive and grow my spirituality?” My experience is that the best way to do this is find a practice you can do daily and consistently, over time, that allows you to learn new information and reinforce what you have already studied. For Tarot students, this can mean a brief meditation and pulling one card a day, studying it well, but not being so overwhelmed with study that you are inclined to skip a day. Practices shift, intensify, and wane at various times in our lives. The intensity of great study will come when you have the focus and ability to do so, but you can get a lot of of even 10 to 15 minutes a day of devoted spiritual time. Ideally, more time is helpful, but that is not something everyone can achieve at all points in their lives. The basic theory is that consistent practice sets up a pattern in your brain that allows you to focus on spiritual things intensely and without distraction. The devotion to your practice helps you develop. You will need to learn how to “go into the zone” in a way that is manageable and not out of control as you experience processing so many more levels of awareness. The consistency stabilizes you and your energy as shift your paradigm of reality and process more information and gain heightened emotional sensitivity. There are often growth spurts and setbacks along a spiritual path like any learning curve, this is ok, keep going…

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