Global Predictions February 2022

“A New Way to Look at the Earth”
Biden is in a declining mental state. There is a rift with Kamala Harris, almost like they are from 2 different parties. NYC schools, some “closing.” NY state, new laws for marriage and assets. A slowing of enrollment to universities as people feel they can not recouperate the economic losses of the tuition at a fast enough pace in the current economy.
Jakarta, uprising. Natural Disasters southeast Asia. Travel not good again in 2022 for the tourism sector. It is not recovering well. A sense that “people can travel but won’t.”
A large amount of military moving around the mainland and ports prepare for direct military conflict. This is related to something that Merkel started. Italy prepares for more centrality in banking and UK may follow or is influenced by it.
Oceanic discoveries at new depths, new life forms discovered and identified. A new way to understand life and the earth.
Laws regarding space travel, USA or global , will be traffic rules like on earth but regarding movement and vehicle type in space . This is due to private and commercial travel to space long term increasing and needing a standard for travel.
Andes mountains, landslide, native communities highly affected. South American plants get huge highlight in news for their healing capacity, maybe related to corona! Trudeau, May have to resign over a scandal, something being caught on tape.
A conflict between two western leaders or a labor leader and political leader that becomes a highly intense dispute over labor conditions or regulations. The market remains stable, but growth is slowing.
Health care reveals a higher death rate this year, although they don’t show me a specific illness related to this, but indicate that there is a lower ability to heal patients or a lower immune response by a huge portion of the population.

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