Protecting Your Energy

This is one of the most asked questions I receive. “How can I best protect my energy from negative or unwanted energetic influences?” There are many methods to do so. Psychic protection may vary depending on the type of energy you are faced with, for example

Are you aware of what is affecting your energy?

  • Is the influence physical and fixed, i.e a location or building?
  • Is it a person?
  • Is it a situation or event?
  • Are you able to avoid it or not?

After addressing these questions we can go forward on how to help you. If it can be avoided easily, and you are highly sensitive, that is always the easiest method to remove the energy disturbance from your life.

If it can not be avoided and is a fixed location, if it is your own home, property, or place of business, you may be able to bless the location or bring healing and have protective items with you there. Clearing space is in another post on my website, but healing items you can wear could be in jewelry or just carrying loose stones like jet, obsidian, citrine, garnet, clear quartz,ย  hematite and amber. If you use amber, please be aware that it needs to be cleaned very regularly as it absorbs energy very easily but it is a great protector. I’m not a huge fan of hematite only because it often breaks after encountering the energy it is supposed to protect against but it does work. You just may need to replace it often. Jet is my favorite crystal for protection.

If the negative energy is from a person you see, you need to be more aware of your energetic boundaries and interact while creating an energetic division so that you can sense the end of your energy and do your best not to let their energy force its way into your energy field. This takes practice and a lot of work. There are specific meditations for this. You don’t want your energy so blocked off that you can’t connect to others but should not have your energy so open that anyone can trample on your aura.

If it is a situation or event, doing energy work or sending Reiki to the event, past, present, parallel or future, can be very successful. Reiki is highly known to help with healing the impact of trauma and offering spiritual protection.


2 thoughts on “Protecting Your Energy”

  1. Ggurl avatar GGurl says:

    Where can I find a legit site/store to purchase the stones mentioned in your article.

    1. This is personally my favorite store I’ve ever visited for crystals in the US.

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