Global Predictions March 2022

ย Ace of Cups jumps out…
“Emotional Fulfillment & Ethics”
A female leader is dealt a devastating political blow; may be a governor. She will not resign but her career has been permanently halted by a poor or hasty decision related to overreaching the understanding of the power of her political office. She falls off of public favor. The cards say this is not the VP, this is either a Governor or “regional leader.”
Biden is indecisive, “entirely reliant on staff” for policy creation and decision making. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but that’s what’s going on. Economic problems continue, but there are some strong female leaders who will give good counsel on resolving them and lead the country to a better direction. These women are not politically elected officials but may be appointed to their roles. This is something I don’t think will occur until later this year at the earliest. The dollar continues to struggle and “crumble” under the stress of international instability and “uncontrolled inflation.” Major male political figure dies of natural causes this year, although the public seems to take it as a fairly unexpected event.ย  Could be a former president or the current. The funeral is televised and attended by many.
Biden does not want to enter into conflict with Russia at this time. I can see his fear in the reading and feel it is valid. I can not advise conflict between USA and Russia after seeing these cards, the devastation would be brutal beyond repair! There will be a successful negotiation. The cards say, “as often the case, Europe in the middle leads the negotiatons.” Look for direction on this from the European nations. They will drive the direction of the policy and outcome.
I can see that their politicians are really angry they were lied to about something they were promised, I’m not sure what this was but…it seems like they feel this is a form of retaliation to that. The conflict continues until a treaty or formal document is SIGNED. They remain in an isolationist policy until that time. I feel military conflict will continue at least through end of March, but looks contained to the regions where it currently is in Ukraine. I see troops and/or damage inside of Russia, someone “invading.” It looks like a rural or fairly uninhabited area. I see 4 more months total until there is a sense of a more stable resolution for this conflict and for the global markets as well. The reading feels nuclear conflict will be avoided due to the signing of that document I saw.
Summer looks good for the market. Fall, not so great. Could be a crash. Supply issues around this time as well. A good time to stock up on things would be this summer.
Medical breakthroughs this fall. A way to clean or detoxify blood that becomes more well known and can help with many illnesses. Probably something currently in trials awaiting approval. Looks very safe.
There will be a lot of poverty globally this year as the inflation affects everyone. Keep this in mind when helping others or for charities, that the ones providing food will need more support this year.
Economic restructuring. Growth. Biden does not intervene but also does not harm their economy. I see many new businesses being created, many female owned as well. I feel the prior protests may have created the options for these opportunities. Their market will “slowly open to the west.”
Additional Info
More horrific natural disasters with water and wind globally. Asia again. A rough year for natural disasters. A slight shift of magnetic energy at the poles is somewhat responsible for this but the readings says it is also the unstable energy of humanity and the earth at this time. The Earth is trying to get back to an energetic balance with “less chaos.”
March 2022 is a time of growth. “As above- so below, as within- so without.” The cards advise us to focus on our domestic and internal world in order to create more peace and harmony in the external worlds. The microcosm affects the macrocosm. Create stability within your home and domestic environment, relationships, family, etc. “Clear out negative energy!!!” They were very strong on this for March. The global resonance of fear, panic, and pessimism is affecting global events. We need to create a better vibration to encourage better, more peaceful outcomes. Balance and self care seems to be a challenge for many right now but they want us to focus heavily on that as well. Financial stability and decisions are highlighted, this is a good time to plan and execute them. There is a sense to make more physical stability this way globally as well.
Crystal healing is extra potent this month.

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