Resonate with Your Environment

Sense the nature of the energy around you, above, below, within and connect with it. Breathe in the sensation of your energy in relation to what is around you and notice how you feel. Being aware of our environment is an important part of spiritual growth.

It is very easy to get overly focused on ourselves and our spiritual path but the teachers in our environment are all around us. The ancient paths knew this wisdom, that is why many of these older traditions are heavily nature based. There are so many teachers right in front of us in nature.

Self awareness is important but we must maintain a balance of awareness on the energy around us as well. Losing this balance can be very stressful on the spiritual path, it can make people feel very unsettled and unstable. Spending time in nature is an essential part of my spiritual practice. It energetically balances and cleans our auras.

It also keeps us aware that life has it’s changes, nothing is permanent, but we stay in a consistent state of flowing energy.

This is part of why many people are so attracted to using crystals. The grounding, healing energy affects and balances them while doing spiritual work. Using crystals and elements from nature will ground your spiritual activities.

If you are feeling a strong need to ground and resonate with earth energy you can do this standing on the earth OR by mediating very high up if you are on a high floor of an apartment. Ironically, the energy of being high up and focusing on the earth has a reactive effect of sending your energy deeper into the earth. I have done this and found it to be incredibly powerful at times I did not have access to a ground floor place to mediate.

Being aware of the energy in your body, your home, your town, your region, country, continent, earth, and universe is another powerful way to expand your awareness through a simple meditation you can do daily. It centers you while connecting you to a larger energetic grid at the same time.

Do you feel aware of the energy around you as you move throughout your day and travels?

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