Spiritual Growth 101

You will find yourself going through a lot of change in a short period of time and then have other times where you need to rest, process, or adapt to the new energy. Our gift and psychic abilities do not always have the same level of energy, growth, and stability equally at all times in our lives. This is a really important point to remember as you start out on this journey. It is also ok, in my opinion, to adapt to this flow of your personal growth and energy.

You will find there are times you feel like this flower, pushing through a rock, alone, without support, and then see others nearby later on a similar journey. You may have times you need to isolate to study new techniques or protect your energy from others, or even from areas of high electromagnetic activity(will post about this in another blog post).

If you are inquisitive and open, while working on maintaining your connection with the earth, grounding and centering, you have a good mindset to go further on your spiritual path. If you do not want anything in yourself or your life to change in any way, this is probably not for you. A lot of people are heavily attached to the old version of themselves. It is almost like having an avatar. How you see yourself is so valuable to us, but it really isn’t the end game of spiritual development. You are always changing. There will always be an unknown aspect of yourself. Self awareness will help you discover more and come to terms with the parts you are not willing to see or face. It is ok to go slow on this path as well. Healing and spiritual growth is not a race. You have to be kind to yourself, but there may be times you need to push. Use your internal guidance on this. If you are an advanced practitioner, go back to your basics every now and then to see how much your awareness has shifted.

It can be a struggle to see others on this path not aware of the same things you come to see as clear information. This is something we just have to accept and individually assess if we want to spend the effort sharing something that will wake up another to see new information or not. This is also another balancing act of spiritual life.

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