Dealing with a Healing Crisis

This is a very under discussed area of spirituality but if not addressed can lead to servere psychological problems and potentially psychosis. Many times this can be avoided.

Gauging your spiritual work and learning is no easy task. There are times we feel stagnant and other times where the energy is moving so fast it is overwhelming and hard to handle. When it becomes too hard to handle and a person finds they are not able to function well, it is often called a “healing crisis.”

If this occurs, the most important thing is to ground the individual and make sure any relevant help and support is present. If you experience this you may have severe anxiety, hallucinations, problems sleeping, eating, breathing, and it can often be categorized as stemming from emotional rather than potentially spiritual issues. The proper psychological care should always be tended to but there are times spiritual methods can resolve a situation that other methods do not.

Grounding an individual in a spiritual crisis is often quickly addressed by having them hold something cold, to get them to focus on the physical plane. An apple from the refrigerator, and using crystals can help. I recommend using water, letting the person feel cool water rush through their hands and maybe washing their 3rd eye as well. Standing on the ground barefoot, even indoors, can really accelerate this. You want to assess whether the person feels they are “inside” their body or not. Either way,ย  you can start to use the focus of the breath to help them feel more centered. You can guide them to feel the sensation of the air in their body entering and leaving and their awareness returning to every area of the body to help them ground. Most important will be to recognize that they do feel “differently” and that they have the ability to shift this feeling and become more comfortable.

There are times we have great breakthroughs after experiencing extreme healing crises, but this is not necessary to attain spiritual growth either. It is just something to be aware of that your awareness afterwards may change. This is why you hear of so many people becoming psychic after near death experiences, a form of healing crisis as their soul is forced to acknowledge in a traumatic way another form of seeing themselves and the world.

I will post more on this thread soon. I feel it is a largely under discussed topic in spirituality today.

What suggestions do you have for people going through a healing crisis in psychic development?


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